Friday, August 21, 2015

Halo Mega Bloks Covenant Armor Customizer Pack - A Review

Hey all, Counterfett here. So, as mentioned in my previous posts, I was having some difficulty with a news provider I used to be a contributor for. Well, my relationship with them has now officially ended, so now I am writing similar reviews for Hubpages. Honestly, there is not much difference to what I am doing, except that Hubpages works a little better on the back and, and the articles are easier to read on the front end (less obtrusive ads). So click through and check out my reviews! Oh, anyway, this got a little wordy, so anyway, on with the show!

While offering a bundle of armor choices, as well as two complete figures to customize with them, this set is coming in at only a couple of dollars more than the earlier Weapon or Armory sets. This can be seen as Mega Bloks' attempt to keep this franchise competitive against LEGO brand systems, with its increasing number of licenses, as well as a growing number of other 'impostor brands' such as K'Nex, Best Loc, and the like.

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Super Mario K'Nex Blind Bags - Princess Daisy

Okay, so today Mrs. Fett wanted to hit a different Toys R Us than the one we went to the other day, so I had another crack at the Knex blind bags. Daisy was the only other figure from the wave I wanted, and lucky me, they happened to have her. I have read that she is packed only 2 to a case, so it's pretty nice I found her so easily.

Most of the boxes I have seen only had Boos left. They're the most common figure in the wave, and it's super easy to tell through the package.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Super Mario K'Nex Blind Bags - Para Goomba

I love construction toys. I love Super Mario. I love Goombas. So the K'nex Para Goomba was a must have. The other day, while waiting in line at TRU with Mrs. Fett, I spotted a box with a few of some random blind packs, including some Mario ones. I looked at what was in the wave and decided I couldn't leave without a Para Goombah.

I squeezed all of the packages, and as luck would have it, the only figure in the box that was not a Boo was this one Para Goomba. Excelsior!

Anyway, I finally have a Para Goomba, and my life is just that little bit richer.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Halo Mega Bloks - UNSC Fireteam Eagle

So, another day, another post about a new Halo Megabloks set. I have kind of a backlog of toy posts, since I've pretty much given up on the Examiner. This set came out a few months ago, and I it was all built and photographed, just waiting for them to get their snakes untangled. Well, they've only made them worse, so I figured why not just post it here?

This is a pretty fun set, and really heavy on the Promethean accessories. I forgot all of the names of the guns except for the light rifle, because, to be honest, I didn't like Halo 4 all that well. Still, they are some fairly cool accessories, and I especially like the pointy grenades, since they are plentiful and more easily identifiable than the old green frags or purple plasma grenades which were available in the line previously.

Also, your usual grab bag of armor permutations is at hand here. THe new Halo Spartans continue to impress, as the modular armor parts work really well, and make the Spartans stand out from any other figures in the same size. They can be used along side the Call of Duty minifigs, and are noticeably more massive. Just the way Spartans should be.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

World of Nintendo - Wind Waker Link

I've always liked Toon Link a lot. I guess this comes from the fact that I have played a lot more iterations of Smash Brothers than actual Zelda games. In fact, the only Zelda games I have played were the first two, and the second was only for about an hour, because I didn't like it.

But anyway. At least this version was much easier for me to find than the 4" figure! I found it before I even realized it was out. Just saw it hanging out in Target one day. Pretty cool. Link is, ostensibly, articulated, but the only pose he can get to that makes any sense is the one he comes in. You have the option of attaching his shield, which I have done, because, honestly, he needs that shield.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Heavy Object Anime Coming Out October 2015

Heavy Object is one of the more anticipated Anime adaptations of 2015, and we finally have an official air date. Heavy Object is a light novel series by Kazuma Kamachi, who also wrote A Certain Magical Index, The Zashiki Warashi of Intellectual Villiage, A Simple Survey, The Circumstances Leading to Waltraute's Marriage, and The Unexplored Summon: Blood Sign.

If you're into anime or light novels, you've likely run into Kamachi's work. I have read most of his series, and there's so much good in there it is difficult to even name a favorite. Heavy Object is his 'Mecha' series, if you couldn't tell, but it is a little unconventional at that. Instead of humanoid robots, the battlefields of the future are dominated by 'Objects,' which are 200,000 ton (more than twice the mass of a nuclear aircraft carrier) monstrosities which resemble a cross between a super heavy tank and a hovercraft.

In addition to the atypical mecha, the setting itself is a near future where the idea of nations has dissolved and been replaced by ideologies and ways of life. The old borders have dissolved and the factions of the world have redrawn the maps like a shattered stained glass window. Into this dystopian future enter a pair of unlikely protagonists, Quenser and Heivia, an ambitious student and disenfranchised nobleman, respectively.

It is unknown at this time how many episodes will comprise the season.

Friday, August 14, 2015

LEGO: The Joker's Bumper Car

So I saw this set polybagged at TRU a few days back and grabbed it, since such sets typically yield pretty nifty parts that I can use in other projects. In this case, I wanted the Joker's hair, since my Fire Emblem: Awakening character inevitably had green hair.

But then I realized that the 'bumper car' in fact looked quite a bit like a small hovercraft. Perhaps it can serve as the personal mobile throne of an egotistical interplanetary tyrant of some sort? I almost certainly have some upcoming project that will involve something of that nature.