Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Gaming With LEGO - The Dread Knight - Unbound Part II

So, when we last left our (anti)Heroine, she was expressing grave dissatisfaction with her gear appropriated from fallen comrades(?). But, being as it was free, and pre-blood-soaked, she just bore with it. But almost immediately, as she and Hadvar prepare to plumb to the depths of Helgen's dungeon in search of an escape, they run into a small clutch of Imperial soldiers.

As luck would have it, the same Captain from the execution scene earlier shows up, and The Dread Knight is able to finally (after five minutes!) begin enacting some revenge! Imperial Heavy Armor is not much to speak of, but at least it's heavy, and it's even in the right colors. A little further into the cave, and an Iron Greatsword is acquired. A little further still, and what will become her iconic helmet is already obtained, the Iron Helm. Yes, you can actually find one of these before even leaving Helgen for the first time. It's across the little creek from the sleeping bear, mixed in with some wine bottles.

Well, that's it for now, folks. Our unfriendly neighborhood Dread Knight is finally out in the big wide world, ready to enact vengeance on the Empire at large, and doing it in style. Heavens only knows how I am going to manage the next few heavy armors. I don't think I have any decals for iron or steel armor, from Skyrim, though a few Brickforge or BrickWarrior pieces might suffice (like the BW helmet in this update, which also inspired the series at large).

See you next time!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Minifig Monday - Wave 12 Continues

So, I was out with my wife and we found more of Series 12 of the blind packed minifigures. Since there was an abundance of them, and we had nothing but time (seriously, had to wait at the only store within walking distance while waiting for my car's recall maintenance to be finished), we decided to just stand there and squeeze every package to get everything we wanted from the entire wave. So that's just what we did.

So here's part 2 of my breakdown of the really cool stuff from this wave. From the left, the female Genie. Now this is your more sterotypical 'I Dream Of...' style Genie, rather than the 'Disney Style.' This is what my wife wanted. So we got a couple for her. I can live without, so, eh.

Next is the 'Dino Hunter.' I calls them like I sees them, it's Lara Croft from that recent Tomb Raider game. That being said, she's pretty awesome. The printing is good, she comes with LEGO syringe (always cool for my LEGO pusher scene), and the cool new compound bow. It's not as good as a BrickForge compound bow, but eh, you can't have everything.

Monochrome Girl, or Wednesday Adams. Not sure if that's a great comparison, but do I care? Not even a little. My wife is likely to use the parts to make Serana (the Vampire companion from Skyrim: Dawnguard). All I want to do is use the grey skirt to make Mikoto Misaka from A Certain Scientific Railgun.

Merlin. I bet it's called something like Castle Wizard, but it's Merlin. Specifically in what I think of as his 'Round Table Pizza' guise. This one is a little fiddly to put together thanks to the cape and collar being separate pieces, but honestly, this guy is the star of the wave. The metallic stars and moons on his robe and hat pieces are awesome and amazing. More impressive is the same pattern present on the cape and collar. It bothers me that this guy costs the same as the lifeguard!

Princess and the Frog Prince. This one is cute, and she comes with some unique or uncommon pieces. Also, her face is double sided, with the back puckered up with eyes closed to kiss the frog. Alternatively, if posed right, it could look like she's sipping tea, or something. If you are into world building with LEGO (and you likely are if you've read this far), there's a lot of potential in this one.

Jester. There's been a lot of ways to get the Jester in the past few years. This one's orange and purple. Those are my wife's favorite colors. She will likely use this to make Cicero from the Dark Brotherhood. 'Nuff said.

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Wants - Part I

Sometimes it happens...you become briefly more interested in the real world than in books or wargames. I'm not yet so old or out of shape that I don't enjoy hunting, camping, hiking (especially that last one), though I never did get much out of fishing.

In any event, I found this online today. I've been looking at slingshots quite a bit lately, since I had a ton of fun with them in the past. The bows that can be converted to shoot arrows are extra nifty, though they tend to be quite expensive. Well, this might be the answer. The Marksman Pocket Hunter comes with an arrow rest which is removable to become a regular slingshot if you so choose.

I would probably keep it set up for arrows, then just buy a cheapo second shooter for marbles or whatever, since the regular ones are pretty darn cheap anyway.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Halo Mega Bloks Drop Pods Wave II

A second wave of the immensely popular and economical Drop Pods from Mega Bloks hit stores recently. Unlike the first wave, this series has a little more variety, including two elites in addition to the archetypal human ODSTs. In addition, the ODSTs themselves are the new and improved versions, which include the new clip on armor accessories, rather than the older molded on versions.

As always, its a nice deal, and a real sign that Mega Bloks pays attention to what their fans respond to.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

I Found Jesus At Half Price Books

And you too, can find Jesus there, provided you come equipped with $5.99 USD, and perhaps a bag, if you live in California (since we are now the land without courtesy). I was so excited to find Jesus, I just had to share it with all of you. I'm actually not kidding. I've been looking for a reasonably priced action figure of the big man Himself for a while now, and this came along at a pretty good time.

I have so many silly ideas for bendy Jesus that I might have to start another whole blog just for His exploits. In fact, I was originally going to open Him up and not photograph the packaging, until one of my coworkers pointed out that the hang card depicted Him walking on the Sea of Galilee. Even the manufacturer cannot pass up on the photo op fun!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Gaming With LEGO - Gnome Enchanter Jory Brownstaff

"Tremble in fear, evildoers, at the powerful aroma of the Brownstaff!"
Okay, so this one will take a bit of explaining. My wife and son had friends over last night, but since my daughter was ill and had stayed home from school, it was deemed that she had to stay in her room so as not to spread the virulent Bunny Pox. Since that made me feel super awful, I went in there to hang out with her the whole time. Conversely, it was the most fun I've had with playing LEGO since I was that age myself.

One result was this. Jory Brownstaff, wielder of THE Brownstaff. My daughter is big on Skyrim, so even though there are no Gnomes, we made an exception. And for those of you not too sure, yes, the Brownstaff is one long running poop joke. What can I say, she's ten, and I never grew up that much.

Eventually, it morphed into a whole Brown Panoply, with a Brownstaff, a Brown Blade (which is a chainsword that growls 'brrrrrrrrown!' when you swing it!), and even a battle cry. Jory is quite the adventurer and hero of justice. The Brownstaff's powers include a fireball spell called 'The Blue Flame,' a poison spell to incapacitate enemies called 'The Brown Note,' and lastly, an illusion spell to make guards believe someone else had committed Jory's actions called 'Who Smelt It Dealt It.'

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dragon Age - Inquisition

Welp, it looks like the long anticipated (by me anyway) Dragon Age III will be out in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. For a while, it seemed like I was the only person in the world who liked DA II, but the Bioware Hype Machine™ seems to have a goodly number of folks interested in it at this point. I had managed to not get too whipped into a lather yet, since I had turned into such a raving Mass Effect fan boy for a while there.

But I have to admit, a lot of this Inquisition stuff is looking pretty good. Leliana is going to at least make a cameo, Morrigan is in it. Hawke seems to make an appearance. Varric is in it. Cassandra will finally be a full cast member rather than a narrator's assistant, which will be nice since her voice actress makes me warm and tingly. Wait, I didn't type that...quick, pretend you didn't read that.

In any event, it's looking pretty darn cool, and me wanty. I might have to have a hard look at what games I need to buy right at release, since I was REALLY planning on picking up Persona Q at the end of this month. And they cost about the same. And some of those special edition add-ons with pre-order look pretty spiffy...