Thursday, March 15, 2018

Cool Stuff My Daughter Drew - Agent 1

It's sometimes easy to forget, what with how much I get wrapped up in my own projects, how talented the other members of my family are. In this instance my daughter, the Bunny Fett. Here she's drawn Agent 1. I presume that's a character from Splatoon. She knows a lot more about that than I do, but didn't see fit to explain it to me.

She's so funny.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

10 Years Of All Things Fett - Big Plans & How I Ruin Them

Hey all, Counterfett here. On this day, ten years ago, my beautiful wife Makoace, started this blog for posting for one of her online job ideas, which sadly never panned out. At some point, later that year, my website stopped working, and friend of the blog Mario! recommended I use blogger instead, as it was easier to use and saved better. So the wife and I switched usernames, and I became THE Counterfett. Ironically, the old website is still live, and works better now probably than it did back then, but that's a story for another time.

In any event, this is a big landmark for me, and fills me with equal pride and sadness. Pride, for sticking with a project this long, even if it has veered around with course and interest changes a bit over the years. Sadness because of the drop in traffic and loss of friends that came along with that. Several of my good online colleagues have 'gone dark' over the past few years, and with no "IRL" way to check upp on them, their fate is a mystery. I hope they are all doing well!

Now, with all that out of the way, I had planned to have a big writeup of a solo game to post today. I was going to run and photograph the forces of REDI vs the Evil Gingerbread men that I promised a month or two ago when that big poll ended. However, my wretched luck got in the way. I got sick in the middle of last week. The doctor classed it as a upper respiratory infection (ie a cold), and cleared me to return to work after one day out. The day I spent back at work was horrible and agonizing, and when I returned home, my wife made me call again.

Well, it's still an upper respiratory infection, just a much more serious one. They pulled me from work for a few more days, and I am currently in the middle of a Makoace enforced quarantine. This means, sadly, I am bored, deprived of socialization, and not able to do a heck of a lot for myself. So, sadly, the grand tale of REDI vs the Gingerbread Men will have to be told another day.

I hope, in its place, you have enjoyed a look back at the banners I have put together for the place over the blog's lifetime. I used to change them a lot. I've had the current one up since 2011, because it seemed to fit the character of the blog quite well. It's been a fun run, guys. If you go all the way back with me, thank you for sticking with me. If you're a new friend, thanks for stopping by, and I hope I will make the forthcoming adventures as worthy of your time as the past ones have been for me.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Poll Results - Upcoming Content - Milestones!

So, the Survive poll results are in, and across all the places that people voted, the results were overwhelmingly in favor of a female character. This happens a lot, honestly.So, we have determined one thing, time for the next poll!

Once this is decided, I'm going to start my Survive series, which I have not entirely nailed down the details of. I was thinking of doing it like a mix of the old "Bjorn Rises" and "Lego Terraria" series, by which I mean I play D20 miniature games with LEGO figures, but the Captain's gear will be determined by what I have achieved in the game. Since so much of the game is played with simple or scavenged weaponry, this should pose little problem.

So paragraph one was poll results, two was upcoming content, so you probably assume this paragraph is to tell you about what milestones I have obtained. You assume correctly! This is my 2500th post on All Things Fett! As always, this comes with the caveat that such measures are somewhat meaningless, as I posted on as many as 13-14 other platforms over the life of this blog, so I actually crossed this milestone ages ago, if those are to be counted. Still, All Things Fett is my longest running outlet, as well as my favorite audience. So to all of you reading this, thank you!

I have another milestone coming up in a little under a week, so stay tuned for that announcement. And vote in the poll already, will ya?

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Metal Gear Survive - Obscure Video Game Quickfire Review

Okay folks, you are going to see a lot of bad reviews of this game. A lot. Many of them have perfectly valid points. Some of them are Kojima fanboi nonsense. This one's mine.

So, the premise of Metal Gear Survive is that an unnamed but ranked (Captain!) protagonist gets their arm cut off while almost sucked through a wormhole at Mother Base, just as everyone important to the previous games flies over the horizon and can't see it. Months later, his arm has mysteriously regrown, and he is sent through another magical wormhole to Dite (also repeatedly referred to as simply 'hell') to figure out what in Sam Hill is going on there, and just why exactly all the previous, better equipped teams can no longer be contacted.


  • Bang for your buck. A full, open world RPG/action game on current generation consoles for 'old game' or 'indy game' prices? Cool. 
  • Story. This is something a lot of people pan about this game. I look at it from this perspective; previous Metal Gear installments had these wormholes in them (in Phantom Pain, there were missions that were nigh impossible to beat without them). This is the first attempt I know of to explain why Zone of the Enders tech is showing up in the Metal Gear Universe. Are there plot holes? Sure, but they were there before Survive. 
  • Sense of achievement. Getting new gear in Survive is hard. When you finally get enough schematics and upgrades to your base to get your first gun, you really feel like you've done something. Nevermind that your shiny new Burkov's main accomplishment will be to give away your position. 
  • Law West of the Pecos. This ties in heavily with the point above. This isn't a game where you can bounce from place to place, slaying zombies without a care in the world. The Wanderers can, and will grab, hurt, damage you, and break your stuff. Stopping even a small swarm of them takes nerve, careful stamina management, and intelligent fence placement. Particularly early in the game, before you have crowd control weapons, even a couple Wanderers will pose a threat to the unprepared. When you pull off an epic feat, through skill, luck, and proper previous planning, you will feel like a big damn hero.
  • Genuine Peril. A lot of 'survival' games have been in name only. Like, yes, you have a hunger meter, but eating a granola bar will bail you out for five days of strenuous activity. If you have a golden apple, it will do all that and heal your grievous injuries to boot! No. In Metal Gear Survive, you need to be on top of the wild game situation. You treasure your rations. Water is an ongoing crisis. Even the air you breathe is treacherous, as you can refill the tank with magic macguffin crystals, but doing so will damage it, potentially leaving you stranded.

  • Palette Swap. Yeah, the parts reuse between this and Metal Gear Solid 5 is practically universal. Assets were reused. Some people are saying this should have been a MGS5 DLC. I mean, at the price, it practically is. I'm not bothered by this too much, but since it seems to be a recurring gripe people have with this game, I'll put it here.
  • Unforgiving. Soooooo, remember how I put 'Genuine Peril' in the pros? Sometimes Survive goes a little too far with that theme. Or maybe a lottle. There are times you'll die for user interface glitches where other games would have buffed out. Seriously, it happens.
  • Tech Redwoods. Sometimes you here these called tech trees, but the ones in Survive are so long and convoluted that calling them mere trees is insufficient. You can't make a pot to boil water until Chapter 7. I find it hard to believe I have the technical acumen to craft automatic weapons but not a receptacle in which to boil water!
  • Microtransactions. Yeah, this game has them. In some insulting places to boot. Like save slots. In the base game, you can have one character. To get more slots, you need to either spend real money, or save your daily login bonus for a looooooong time.
Final Verdict. Folks, this is a mediocre game. It's not amazing, ground breaking new territory, but it's not as bad as a lot of people who seemingly know nothing about it are saying. And for all the people not giving it a chance because "Muh, Kojima!" Well, I know they're all loyal and stuff, but let us reflect for a moment on the last game in the franchise that Kojima was involved in. You know, the one where 75% of the dialog was about parasite copulation? The fan-fiction about how all life on earth all the way back to the dinosaurs rose and fell because of the vocal cord parasites? That was just stupid. I encourage you all to find out a little more about it, and make up your own mind. I've had fun with it.

Oh, also, I have added a small poll about whether to make the Captain in my upcoming series male or female. Vote in that, and if you have a funny, clever, or just snarky idea for a name, comment it in the post below. Once the Male/Female/Wanderer issue is decided, we'll put up a new poll about name! 

Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Adventures of Name That Captain!

Hey all, Counterfett here with a quick cry for help/upcoming series announcement!

I am going to be doing a series (how long or short it runs depends on how much anyone cares or how long I can stand it), dedicated to Metal Gear Survive, in the vein of the "Continuing Adventures." I know, all the MG fanbois are busy telling you MG:S is terrible, but I found it fairly fun and interesting. I'm thinking of reviewing it once I've got a little more stick time under the belt.

But to the more immediate point, I was thinking of doing a series about the protagonist, a la the Bjorn/Shep/Isaac/Dread Knight series of yesteryear. The thing is, the protagonist of MG:S is not named, and is simply referred to as "Captain."

Now, you know how hopeless I am with making up names. Therefore, I am fishing for some fun and cheeky suggestions! If we get a few good ones, we can make a poll or something. I'll have a few ideas from asking around outside the blog, but I wanted to give you guys a crack at it, since you are my first and best audience!

Also, this will decide whether said Captain is a male or female, of course, since MG:S is the first installment to let you choose.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Pre Order Critique - King's Champion

Well, lots of you who are still reading this know I am on a bit of a Knight kick, and my interest in this here game is no different. I found this on Miniature Market some weeks ago, so it might even be already released, but I don't want to bother finding out and changing the title.

In King's Champion, you have a stable of knights, each with different abilities, that you must guide through a dice driven tournament system. They are tracked in a campaign like system and have promotion benefits, so in addition to the battles themselves clever management of your assets between battles is imperative.

The game itself looks delightfully Franciscan, with the cards and game materials looking like illuminated script on parchment. It seems like a sweet deal. I'm going to be having a closer look at this one in the coming months, as it aligns so closely with what I wanted out of the Flailsnail jousting rules.

Monday, February 19, 2018

MEGA Construx Heroes - Fry And Bender

Well, these are a thing too. Shortly after the wave which included He-Man and Skeletor, MEGA shocked me again by bringing out Fry and Bender from Futurama.

Philip J Fry. A good likeness and paint. Fry comes with a nameplate stand, a $300 bill (with Nixon's head on it, lol!), and a can of Slurm, highly addictive future Mt. Dew.

Bender Bending Rodriguez. Also good likeness and paint, though how they could really mess up Bender in an appreciable fashion is beyond me. Bender comes with a nameplate stand, a sack of money (presumable ill-gotten), and a can of mom's old fashioned robot oil.

My only gripe with these is the accessories. They just seem uninspired, though I'm hard pressed to name anything more meaningful that could be included. Also, there are only in package shots of these, since these belong to my wife, and opening the packages is at her discretion.