Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy American Thanksgiving!

It's Thanksgiving here in the States, and my Turkey Allergic wife and I indulge in the Traditional Family feast!

While I'm posting less as I soak in Fallout 4 reverse-osmosis style, I did want to let my loyal readers know that I appreciate all the time we've spent together over the years. I wish you the best.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Toys For Wargaming - Battle Attack Mega Blastoise

Not sure what I got this for, exactly. This was another of the "When are you ever going to see this again?" purchases endorsed by my wife. She's right, of course, but that doesn't mean I have any more of a plan for this thing. I suppose I can use it for a giant monster in Warstuff?

In any event, Mega Blastoise is about nine inches tall. The cannons on both arms are spring loaded and fire the missiles you see attached to the card there. The cannon on the back seems not too. It's not a big deal, but I did look for some time trying to figure out if the blue projectile in that gun was detachable. It is articulated at the arms, which is a fun touch. Blastoise derivative toys are usually not flexible.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Assassin's Creed Rogue - Shay Cormac Action Figure

Well, it took me forever to find, but I did get that Shay Cormac figure I was looking for a while back. Assassin's Creed Rogue is a bit of a change of pace for the series, as Shay Cormac switches sides and becomes a Templar after a series of small betrayals and atrocities turn him against the Assassins. I liked the idea of Rogue enough that I bought it and played it, despite not having been interested in the series before (or since). The game was a lot of fun, despite my fears of wonky controls and contrived storyline being 100% validated.

Still, being as he's from the only game in the franchise that I actually played, and liking the character quite a bit, I wanted to get his figure when McFarlane's announced it. And it's actually pretty cool. Maybe I've spent too much time with Figmas lately, but it's refreshing when a toy's articulation works the way it's supposed to and all of the weapons actually fit the hands and/or holsters. Nothing broke either, which has sort of plagued my last few Figma adventures.

Shay comes with a sword, dagger, two pistols (which fit the holsters on his hip) and an air rifle/grenade launcher. He even stands on his own two feet.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Nova Figure! Mine!

A while ago at TRU I was looking in the figure section, and my husband pointed out the Nova figure. There was only 2 characters, but I pounced on the Nova. Best Ghost from Starcraft ever, you know, besides Kerrigan, although I wouldn't complain if they made her as her new form (Queen of Blades the HOTS version). But her hair was separate, and she also comes with an additional hand. Counterfett put her together, so he said it was annoying to try to force in the parts without breaking it. So head's up! Here she is in her Nova glory!

Minecraft Series 4 Obsidian Series Codes for Blind Packs

So I went to secure the latest series at TRU. I was only able to get so many. I like the blind pack single figures, at least the size, but not the price or the fact that they are blind packed. It's annoying to try to track down the codes to find the ones I 'm looking for or to just guess and hope that it's good enough. I also bought the 4 mini packs of 3. While I was there today my husband found a in-scale Enderdragon! Um... SCORE!!! Awesome.

So anyway, that's my 2 cents. I am far too busy enjoying my Minecraft figures. =)

Minecraft Series 4 Blind pack Codes- Obsidian Series

A- 3 Slime Cluster
B- Tabby cat- Yellow with no orange stripes
C- Screaming Enderman
D- Sneaking Creeper
E- Zombie behind Door
F- Spider Spawner
G- Rabbit
H- Pumpkin Skeleton
I- Steve in Iron Damage Armor
J- Priest Villager
K- Alex with Cake
L- Sheared Sheep

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Boom Co Halo Dart Blasters

I have always wanted a replica Covenant Plasma Pistol. But I have always been too lazy to make one myself, and never wanted to foot the bill for a decent replica. Until I found Boom Co's Halo Blaster Pack at TRU the other day. My son wanted to split it with me. He said he was going to choose which one he wanted when we got home, and I could have the other one (generous of him, eh?).

Needless to say, I had my fingers crossed.

To my delight, he preferred the M6 Magnum. So I am now the proud owner of a Plasma Pistol. I take it this color scheme is one of the modded Plasmas from multiplayer, but I don't really care. I am thinking of repainting it in a killer bee theme paint scheme anyway, unless I get too lazy. Which is always a possibility.

I bought these with the expectation that they were going to be on par, or maybe a little weaker than Nerf, which is what you usually find with these 'unknown' brands. I was shocked to find, however, that the Boom Co. darts are not foam but plastic, and shoot considerably harder than their Nerf equivalent.

Boom Co also makes an SMG, a Needler, and a Carbine. I also got the Needler the next day, and I am not fond of the SMG, as it is bigger than it should be (not to mention ORANGE), and I have not seen the Carbine. But I got the two 'uniquely' Halo weapons I have always wanted anyway.

Expect to see another review covering the Needler in a day or so.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Gaming With Lego - Anacondrai Battle Mech

Hey all, CounterFett here with a bit of a throwback to Minifig Mondays of old! So I got this guy ahead of his street date because they just had him out at the Toys R Us near where we live. Victory.

It's a neat little set, goes together pretty solidly. I don't understand the story of Ninjago anymore, since I stopped paying attention back when the Skeleton's were still the bad guys, but I take it this is a snake people stomper from the cartoon. Sort of like a Deff Dread, to put it in gaming terms.

But what I really want it for is to make D-Walker from Phantom Pain. I mean honestly, I don't even have to do that much!