Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Agony Of Glitches

So, I finally get high enough level with my Knight-Enchanter in Dragon Age to finish the last of the High Dragons. But then my achievement doesn't unlock. I double check the quest. I double check the achievement. Nothing. I killed all ten.
So I hop online and find out this achievement is bugged. There's a workaround, in that you can use a save file to kill one of the previous dragons again, and that will grant the achievement. Hopefully I have a save file that will let me, otherwise I will just wait until my other characters gets to that point, and do the dragons in a different order, leaving an easier one than the HIghland Ravager for last.
Sigh. Oh, BioWare, why do you do these things to me?

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Game Of The Ever?

So, I awoke from my video game and sleep deprivation stupor and realized I had not posted for a week! I'm pretty sure that's the longest I've ever gone without posting, so, eh! The fact that work has been pretty terrible certainly contributes to my desire for electronic escapism, but the main reason is because I got Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Now, I am a known and avowed Mass Effect fanboy. And I did enjoy the previous two installments in the Dragon Age franchise. So me liking this is not surprising. What is surprising is that I am willing to call this my favorite game. Ever.

Rarely am I this decisive. There's a lot going on in this game, and most of it is great.

  • Huge. Maybe not as big of a landmass as Skyrim, but likely close. 
  • Few loading screens. Your mileage may vary, but I don't get many loading screens, and they are very short (again, compared to Skyrim).
  • Customization. The way armor and equipment work in Inquisition remind me of the good points of SWTOR. You can make your own with stuff you find too, and have control over the colors and properties of same.
  • STORY. That's right, all caps. Like most BioWare games, the story is driven by the choices you make. Who you spare, who you side with, and where you go affect the story.
  • Characters. There are some returning favorites, and some fun new faces. Obviously, a save game file where you didn't kill everyone will have more returning favorites than if you struck everyone down.
  • Dragons. Actual honest to goodness dragons! Not those glorified Wyverns from Skyrim that boil down to nothing more than a source of Dragon Bone late in the game. Inquisition High Dragons are big, strong, fast, tough, and can eat your crew for breakfast if you let them.
  • Long Haul. This game can be played for a long time, if you so choose. I'm 90 hours in and about two-thirds away from the end of the main campaign. Admittedly, I am going around stripping the land of resources and slaying dragons, but I digress. You can get a lot of play from this if you want.
  • Side Missions. Most games' side missions feel repetitive, forced, and not worth the time spent playing them. Inquisition makes most of even the most minor side quests feel important and unique. The rewards you get from these quests also impact your likelihood of success later on...
  • Hard. This is a sandbox style RPG, where if you wander into an area you shouldn't be, meeting enemies you are not ready for, you will be punished. My first encounter with Vinsomer on the Storm Coast leaps to mind.
  • Learning curve. There's a lot to pick up if you want to fight effectively, especially on the higher difficulties. It helps a little to have played the previous games, but not as much as you think.
  • No storage. The Inquisitor doesn't have a place to store anything. You have to just carry all of your stuff. Hawke and the Hero of Ferelden both had a stash, and their places were much smaller than Skyhold. Seriously, you could fit the Hawke Estate, the Hero's Camp, and the Normandy inside of Skyhold. There's no reason the Inquisitor has to live like a refugee!
Now, if you read that list and think there's a lot more good than bad, you are definitely picking up what I am setting down. It's a great game.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Best Loc Seasonal Packs. F-15 Element

At the same time I bought all of those tanks, I also bought a pack of these fighters.  They're nowhere near as cool, unfortunately, and they do not come with a surprise extra set either. Also, the minifigures that come with them are like two-thirds the size of regular minifigs, for some reason. Haven't quite figured that one out honestly.

I got this set because from the package art I thought they were going to be F-14s. Meh. I do wish I had taken a picture of a regular minifig with the pilots for scale.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Transformers Tuesday - Mr. Potato Head Grimlock

Well, I was going to make this an installment of Minifig Monday, but then I forgot and posted an Examiner article, which was much overdue...but still. So anyway, to keep with a jolly naming convention, I have dubbed today Transformers Tuesday.

Mr. Potato Head and Grimlock. The only way someone could mesh two of my favorite childhood favorite characters and toys better than this would very likely have to require some sort of Major Bludd Battle Beast.

It's cute. It's clever. It's three inches tall. It's nearly everything you could want in adorable brick-a-brack.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Halo Mega Bloks UNSC Wombat Recon Drone

A recent release from the Halo Mega Bloks line, set 97451 includes The Rookie (the silent protagonist of Halo 3 ODST), as well as a Wombat Recon Drone, something which was seen briefly and mentioned in ODST, but never really explored in depth.

Click to

Sunday, November 16, 2014

LEGO 30264 - Frax' Phoenix Flyer

So, another month another exclusive polybag set. This time it's apparently a phoenix. Chima has sure expanded into some weird areas. This set is a little light on content, but if you look at it from the perspective of what you get on Frax himself, it works alright.

The flyer. So, this little thing is really not where it's at. Honestly, I'm less impressed with this even than I was with the parrot-dragon from the old Ninja polybag from some years ago.

That said, Frax does have some neat parts. Orange is my wife's favorite color, so she got a bunch of these. Following the usual pattern, I threw in an extra one for myself. I rather wish I had not at this point, since the set was a bit of a wash, but there you have it.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Toys For Wargaming - Megabloks 06872 - Vulture Attack

Well, I somehow managed to not post very much this week at all! The Dread Knight will be very angry with me. Nevertheless, I did have one bright spot on the hobby front, which is the Mega Bloks set I am showing you all now.

I saw this on Toywiz' pre-orders page a few months ago, and have been keeping an eye out for it since. Two reasons, as for a change, I actually wanted the main build of the set, which is a rarity for me, but also because it comes with the most dope attack dog to ever come in a brick set.

Seriously, while the Vulture drone is pretty killer, this armored bomb disposal dog is like something that came out of a playmobil set, except maybe a hundred times cooler. He has articulation at the head, neck, all four legs, and tail. That's more than some Star Wars figures! Also, his armor and accessories (I think that's a bomb sniffer or something) are removable, though I don't know why you'd want to.

If I were to have a complaint about this set, which is stretching it, I would say that it is a little on the pricey side for what you get, but then again...Armored...Attack...Dog.