Wednesday, March 6, 2019

How Can EP IX Be Saved?

So I saw Ep VIII. The best thing I can say about it is I liked it more than VII. I still want Star Wars to be a series we can all be proud of, though. What does Disney need to pull out of its hat for 9 that would make me happy?

One word...


Now hear me out. Sure, all the resistance survivors got on the Falcon (how many does the Falcon sit, maybe 40?), but what about all of those first order ships still in orbit? So imagine this; the Falcon breaks orbit, and as the sky clears to black, you see unfamiliar ships engaging the star destroyers. Then the Falcon gets a comm call:

"Millenium Falcon, this is Ordo Clan Cruiser Kandosii. Follow us, we have cordoned off an escape vector. We will guide you to the rendezvous point where the rest of the fleet will join up after dealing with these first order slugs!"

Shot changes to the command crew looking to Leia for a decision, she just shrugs.

"Listen," the radio continues, "Whatever your opinion or experience with Mandalorians, we're the side not trying to kill you right now."

Leia tilts her head and nods, acknowledging the point.

Scene cuts to the rendezvous, obviously some bunker complex. Both sides walk in and stare at each other.

"So what's the next move?" Leia asks.

"We wait." Said Mandalorian Guy In Charge (MGIC)

"I wasn't expecting such...passivity." some random resistance guy (SRRG)

"Don't be mistaken," MGIC says, "We're not passive, we're loyal. Our orders are to bring you here and wait for Mandalore. We will defend you if needed, but we will not begin offensive operations until we have new orders."

"And when will Mandalore get here?" Leia asks.

"Soon," MGIC replies, "He left some days after us, but he pilots a fast ship."

"What kind of ship?" Asks SRRG.

"Patrol Craft. Firespray class."

"Ooh," Leia says, intrigued "That is fast, I remember, back during the rebellion, there was this one time Boba Fett was tailing me and Han, and Han said..."

"AHEM." MGIC interrupted. There was a soft chime from the sensor terminal. A Mando turns to MGIC and gives a thumbs up.

"He's Here."

A panoramic shot of Slave I landing on top of the bunker. Into the meeting strides Boba Fett. Because OF COURSE Boba Fett.

"Princess." Boba Fett nods to Leia.

"Boba Fett." Leia responds. "I should have known the Sarlaac wasn't enough to kill you."

"You were right. Now...are you ready to win?"

Friday, February 22, 2019

Been Gone. Now I Am Back.

Conditionally. On top of all of the other problems I have been slowed down with, a little over a week ago, my father died.

While not a surprise, due to his advanced aged, it was still a shock. I still rather expected him to outlive me. He was really tough! I refered to him as 'The Invincible Iron Old Man of Doom' for a considerable portion of my childhood.

I just got back from down South, helping out my Mom (who also expected him to outlive all of us). He was an incredible person, one of my role models (as close as any real life person gets, anyway), and my personal hero. I'll miss you Pops Wops!

Anyway, this is me saying I intend to be getting back on track here o the blog, but my appointment for the endoscopy is in only a few days, so I guess life might still have a say in whether I will be doing so or not.

Wish me luck!

Sunday, February 3, 2019

More Memery From All Things Fett

So, I've been sick. No real word on why from the medical community, though I do have an Endoscopy at the end of this month. If any of you wonderful readers would make supplications on my behalf to whatever deities you revere, I would appreciate it. Still, I can't take being afraid of anything seriously, so I made a meme about it:

The images of course, are of an actual Endoscope, and Captain Rex from Star Wars Rebels screaming at an AT-AT. My favorite thing is that a reader suggested I watch this episode after I posted the 'Old Man Rex' action figure review so long ago. He even yells "Come fight me, cowards!" God I love Rex.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Chaos Campaign 26 - Green Hippos Run Them Down!

So, the Green Hippos head back to Galatea. After the previous big victory on the camps there, the local growing resistance has genuinely put the Blakists on the Run. Stone's forces are paying top dollar for top flight mercs to seek and destroy Word of Blake forces before they can go into hiding or get offworld. This is the sort of deal the Hippos can get behind. The Blakists 11th Division won't know what hit them. Well, they'll know, it just won't do them any good before they're all crushed.

The Jr General set up terrain, and did a great job representing the course scrub desert and ruins of the Galatean outback.

Then he chose WWI French to represent the WoB 11th Division stragglers.Thematic!

I used my cool new Easter Egg figures for the Green Hippos hunters.

They approach in a pincher formation, utilizing what cover there is in the sparse outback.

The ever fanatic WoB assault out of their defensive positions!

The Hippos pick them apart for their trouble.

The Jr. General made a little graveyard for his casualties, along with their action dice as headstones. Such a considerate leader.

The four on one melee went, predictably, the Hippos way.

The last stubborn holdout engages in a shootout.

The nearly completed rogues' gallery.

To win the game, I needed one of my three attack  dice to roll a 5 or 6. I got all three, and I declared that the final Blakist was 'Zee triple dead!' I don't know why I was using a french accent through the whole battle, but there you have it!

Monday, January 28, 2019

Fallout Army Men Box Set 1 and 2

Okay, since the Jr. General opened these for me, and paid no attention whatsoever to what came out of which box, don't expect a rundown of each one's content. So, look at the pretty pictures, and guffaw at the incompetent commentary. At least my comments will be brief, right? Remember to click the pics to see better detail. There's some great shots of the figs!

Box set 1. I have no idea what I'll use the big super hero for.

Box 2. I know exactly what I'll use the Liberty Prime for!

More of the perk figures. These were, sadly, all repeats from the bagged set. I could have done without these.

More artifacts and weapons. Dupes again. See comments vis-a-vis the perk figs above.

The green figs. Raiders and supermutants, and Nuka Sentinels, oh my! I could have done with a few more of these. Great bad guys!

More robots. From left, Protectron, Liberty Prime, and Mr. Handy. Liberty Prime is easily the star of the show. It's maybe my favorite single army men style figure even. 4 inches tall and bullet-proof.

There's that mega superhero again. Plus Strong! I don't know why Strong came cast in grey instead of green, like the other supermutants. Perhaps it's because he is a 'companion' character rather than an antagonist.

Power Armor! In the old days, I would have gone ahead and identified which armor permutations each of these was, but...I just don't have that sort of thing in me anymore. Suffice to say that the figure on the far right is in Excavator Armor, which means he can be Clint from the Power Bros! Yes!

That's it for now, folks. Expect to see more of these soon. The Jr. General is already agitating for a new game system to allow us to wargame with the Fallout figs. Stay tuned!

Friday, January 25, 2019

Fortnite Miniature Figures - Omega

So I saw this at a local discount store and thought, hey, that looks pretty close to Army Men scale. So I decided to get the most generic, sci-fi looking fellow I could to test it out. Picked this guy here, called Omega.

I don't care for Fortnite, but  I love me some character options to go with my Army Men for Wargaming. The weapons are interchangeable, and he actually holds them, which is a bit of a lost art in action figures, much less in this scale. He stands as well, with or without his included stand. A slick little figure, I just wish it was for a license I cared about. Doom, say.

Plus, for those of you who care, here's a scale shot my son put together. He's so considerate.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Tales Of The NCR/Brotherhood War - Sci-Fi Wargaming With Army Men

In the Fallout Universe, two of the major factions, the Brotherhood of Steel (BoS) and New California Republic (NCR) had an unfortunate war between the events of Fallout 2 and Fallout 3/New Vegas. The technologically advanced Brotherhood grew increasingly alarmed at the political, economic, military, and territorial expansion of the NCR, expecially in what the Brotherhood considered its own backyard. It was the Brotherhood, not the NCR, who had bested the Master and his Supermutant army. It was the Brotherhood who defeated the Enclave. It was the Brotherhood who deserved the expansion these actions safeguarded.

 In a perhaps ill-considered move, the Brotherhood launched a series of preemptive strikes on the NCR. At first, the Brotherhood's technical and martial know-how granted them significant advantage. However, the NCR's numeric and economic advantage soon mafe the Brotherhood's position untenable. Soon, the Brotherhood were pushed back, nearly into their bunkers. The Borhterhood military leadership, however had one more trick up its sleeve. In a move to cripple the NCR's economy, Brotherhood forces moved to destroy the NCR gold depository at Redding. That is the battle we've chosen to portray here, with Silver Brotherhood Knights in conventional gear facing gray/green NCR troopers with more primitive gear.

Like the war itself, the battle went well for the BoS at first, until the NCR was able to bring superior numbers and armor support to bear. The BoS placed their charges, and retreated in good order. Though defeated in terms of losses, they struck a telling blow against the NCR, a near fatal one, given that the NCR was now fighting a war on another front, against the much more dire Caeser's Legions in the East.

Hope you had fun, and thanks for reading! Expect more Fallout themed battle as my other Fallout figure sets arrive in the next weeks.