Monday, June 18, 2018

Pre-Order Critique - Blood and Plunder

Okay, so I was looking today for some easy to pick on release from some major game company to make a no brainer filler post, when at one of my favorite miniature purveyors, their pre-order page was simply filled with "Blood and Plunder."

"Hmm, I thought, I like those things." so I looked a little closer. Now this appears to be a fun new forthcoming title, in which one assembles a crew (from what appears to be ever seagoing nation that had hulls in the water during the golden age of piracy) and fight like minded but non-cooperative rival crews.

There was simply so much there of it, in fact, that it was overwhelming. I'll endeavor to post more about the specific releases in the coming days, so stay tuned!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Galaxy Laser Team

Okay, so Galaxy Laser Team were some pretty great sci-fi army men when I was growing up. A lot of them seemed influenced by Star Wars, Star Trek, actual astronauts, Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers. I never seemed to have that many of them, but the human figs tended to get lumped into the green 'good guy' army men, while the aliens and robots tended to end up with the tan 'bad guys.' I'm not sure why I had so many of these growing up, because I'm fairly sure I never bought a set, but that's sort of the way it was with any army men in the '80s. There were gifts, arcade ticket prizes, party favors, and just stuff you found walking home from school. Let's have a look at what came in the set, and what I can think of to say about each of them. I took pictures of the silver poses, because the black was hard to photograph, but the stuff's all the same anyway.

Growing up, I thought these were kind of a silly take on Darth Vader. Cape, lightsaber, scary face, armor, helmet. As an adult, however, when I see these guys, all I can think of is the police from Futurama.

See what I mean?

Turtle alien and Not2-D2. I usually had the turtle guy as an evil alien helping the insidious forces of tan. The robot could go on either side, usually as a 'base' unit or planner. Basically a "REMF" (look that up yourself if you don't get the reference).

Now, as a kid everyone tacitly understood that these were Wookies. But, with my current projects and interest, I am going to cast them as Ape Planet Auxiliaries to bulk up the ranks of my Space Balls!

Speaking of Space Balls! This pose here is pretty much the reason I got the set. Shame there weren't more of them. Still, between the silver and black, I likely got enough. This pose is also why I include 'Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers' in the first paragraph, because I don't really know what exactly these guysa re a take off of, except that it just had to be something that ended on a "Will ________ escape? See next time when...."

The Star Trek Bridge Bunny. As a kid, I never got this pose. Like, how am I supposed to use this? Is that console walking around with her? She usually ended up as an HQ unit like Not2. Now, it reminds me of Sigourney Weaver's character from Galaxy Quest.

Major Tom. I always felt that this figure was incomplete. Is there something that's supposed to go in his hand? A flagpole maybe? A tall boy? Every time I've come across this figure, there's nothing for him to do.

Captain Harry. Serves under Major Tom. I always assume Tom outranks Harry, because Harry's the one doing all the work while Major Tom appears to be saying 'cheers' to all the alien ladies.

X-16. I've never actually come across this one before. The amazon picture showed these as flat-winged, regular F-16s. So imagine my surprise when I got this out of the package and it required assemble to make it this. Neato. A nice inclusion, if a little odd!

That's it for now folks. You'll likely be seeing more of these as the Rise of Dark Helmet campaign starts getting off the ground. Let me know in the comments if you had these guys as a kid, and what stories you told to make sense of them being involved with your army men. I'm especially keen to hear if you had different names or roles worked out for them than I did.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Splatoon Octo-Expansion - Agent 8

So I found out that the Octo Expansion for Splatoon came out. I didn't know it was a thing or that I needed to care. But to remind me that the things I like are not all that's important, I came home to find that the expansion had, in fact dropped. My wife had, in fact, got it. My daughter had, in fact, graffiti'd it all over my patio.

Evidently this is Agent 8. And expansion character I know nothing about, who is, I am sure, quite cool. My daughter told me so.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Cheap APCs for Army Men - Part II

Also could be titled, Counterfett gets frustrated with card folding.

Now, there are some things I learned here, and some things I already knew from other paper toy projects I have done in the past that I got to "relearn." First off, very sharp, small bladed scissors. I used good scissors, if a bit too large for the task. It made some of the internal corners very tricksy. Like Hobbits. Second, actually get something like this printed on card paper. Gluing regular printer paper to cardstock will not only make cutting much more difficult, but the end product looks, well, iffy. What happens is that all of the folds exceeding maybe 20 degrees get 'stress tears.' Furthermore, the smaller tabs are functionally useless. They don't hold the thing together on their own, they are very difficult to cut around, and are next to impossible to actually fit in the corresponding slots, at least on this model.

Still, here is the finished Canadian M113. You will notice I ended up having to tape this. Gluing the joints simply did not do the trick. I'll just call this 'applique armor' or something. Somehow I simply didn't notice that the model had no bottom, so that was something of a surprise upon assembly. It does make affixing the internal tabs somewhat more easy.

Here it is with some Lanard soldiers from The Corps WalMart sets. Interestingly, this APC came labeled as 1/35 scale. The Lanard figures are 45mm, which I think corresponds roughly to about 1/40, which should be a smaller scale. If this APC is really 1/35, I feel bad for any infantryman who ever had to ride in an M113. Seriously. Is this print truly 1/35?

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Mr Bubble

I have no other subtitle or tags that are applicable for this one.

When I was little, I had a vinyl/pvc action figure of Mr. Bubble. You had to use proof of purchases from the bubble bath bottles to mail in to get him, and I did it because I thought it was the funniest thing. I was reminiscing about this the other day, and was a little wistful or sad about not having it anymore, because even as a kid, I thought it was funny and cute they ever made toys of Mr. Bubble.

Then today, at WalMart, while Mrs. Fett was looking for cat food that would hopefully prevent our sick cat ScootyPuff from getting any sicker, I saw it. A Mr. Bubble cat toy. It's even funnier and cuter that they made a cat toy of him. Why did they do this?

I had to have it. I love Mrs. Fett. She's such an understanding soul.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Pre-Order Critique - Battletoads

Pretty close to the top of the "Things I Never Thought I'd Live To See" list, at E3 they have announced there will be a new Battletoads game. The original game was something of a cult side scrolling arcade style fighting game, with an irreverent story, and no one who played it took the game, or themselves, too seriously.

Yes, really. Battletoads. This is slated for 2019. That's 28 years after the last thing we saw from Battletoads. In layman's terms, that a doggone long time. Not a lot of info yet about what type of game it will be, but hey, it's Battletoads, how good can it be?

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Dark Helmet - The More Finalized Mock-Up

So, I went looking for all the 1/32ish scaled Darth Vaders I owned, and was worried about having to make a decision about which one I wanted to turn into my definitive Dark Helmet figure. I was concerned about such weighty issues as which figure I could live with myself converting, which ones I wanted to stay as Vader, which ones cost more, which ones looked better. You know the drill, basic neurotic indecision.

Turns out I shouldn't have worried.

There was only one figure that worked. I couldn't find a Star Wars Command Vader (even though I am pretty sure I had one), so that option is right out the window. I found two Unleashed Vaders, which is where the second problem rears its ugly head. While the LEGO helmet fit easily and roomily on Batmans svelte noggin, it didn't fit on Vader's massive dome. Between the two representative options, one had a articulated head, which was therefore a removable head.

Problem solved. I popped the head off, used a double layer of foam adhesive tape, and plopped the helmet right on. Now, I had forgotten how massive the Unleashed figures were, which sadly means the helmet is less relatively oversize, but I think it's still pretty clear who this is supposed to be, right? Also, the adhesive tape means that Dark Helmet is a little bit of a bobble head, but I can live with that, since it looks good, cost me nothing, and is entirely reversible.