Saturday, July 23, 2016

Disgusting PINK BLOB also known as Kirby!

So I have this friend who flys to Japan often. I recently asked her to bring me the amiibo dioramas because I think that locking down something like this is dumb! And I do not pay scalper prices.

Even before I get the Kirby amiibos I bought the diorama. I'm not disappointed! This is an awesome setup and display, and so cheap! The disgusting pink blob and his friends will soon be with me, I'm waiting for a sale. The coolest one has always been meta-knight! The benevolent King DDD will also soon be with me. The displays holds all 4 amiibos, from the recent release.

Here's some pictures so you can be jealous of my dioramas! BE JEALOUS!!!

I do like that the parts were really easy to do, not difficult paper folding techniques that can happen with stuff from japan- I don't do origami well. And that you can arrange it however you like. I like this feature.

STAY tuned for more dioramas as I have also scored multiple smash stages, splatoon level and stage, and multiple animal crossing levels (I have sooo many animal crossing amiibos- this will be hard to choose a few to fit).

IDOLMASTER! Cinderella girls

So a while ago I found this chibi image of something super cute! It was an image from idolmaster cinderella girls dice master game. Then while putzing about in Barnes and Noble we found some of the idol girls in boxes. Not being able to afford them, I decided to just take a pic and post from there. I'm working on a magnet set of the chibis, and currently watching idolmaster anime. I like it. Can't really go wrong with giant fighting robots manned by little girls.

So here's the pictures. Sorry for crappy quality, but I'm not a photographer- which is why CounterFett has to take the pics in the family.

I like the purple one with grey hair- apparently she's evil, but whatevs.

This box is larger than the others-

 So there you go. Cute little idolmasters without it being nendoroid.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Overlord Volume 1 - The Undead King

Well, I did something I rarely ever do today. I bought a physical copy of a book that I already had digitally. Why, you ask? Because my kindle version was free, and as such gave no proceeds to the author. And Overlord is enough worth it to me that the author Maruyama really deserves to get paid. This is the official English release, which came much faster than the internet nay-Sayers would have led you to believe. This leaves me hope that the subsequent volumes will come quickly as well. It was hardback, so came in at $20 at my local Barnes & Noble. It's cool, I had a coupon, and they had a 'buy 2 manga, get one free' sale which this fortunately counted toward.

So what is Overlord? If you've seen Sword Art Online or Log Horizon (or Tron or The Matrix), you pretty much have the gist of the operation. Where Overlord really shines is in its twist, which is that the Protagonist...isn't. He's an Overlord, sort of a powered up mega lich. Yes, Momonga and his menagerie of loyal fiends are, in fact, sort of the bad guys. I qualify with 'sort of' because while they are classical monsters of one variety or another, some are more kind-hearted than others, and all obey Momonga, who at least until recently, was a regular human being.

So if you enjoy a multi-faceted, in depth drama about incredibly powerful beings exploring and dominating a world that is both familiar and brand new, with moments of silly romance and pants wetting humor, you might want to take a look at Overlord.

"The world is all yours."

Monday, July 4, 2016

Making My Shield 3 - The Really Easy Part (Continued)

So, as before, this could also be titled 'My wife is still doing all the heavy lifting on this project.' Seriously, if she makes this any more awesome, I will have to move this to the Cool Stuff My Wife Made series.

Here's the final picture. Basically, the white hippo was a base coat. We had always intended to do a second layer in glow in the dark green. Because green is my favorite color, and glow is my favorite thing to do in the dark.

But because my wife is Mrs. Fett, and she has no equal, she textured the paint to mimic hippopotamus skin. Go ahead, click that photo and behold the coarse, rippling, hippo hide.

You heard me. You are now looking at the only guy you know to have a glow in the dark hippo on his coat of arms. Take that Richard the Lionheart!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Toys For Wargaming - The Corps! Bucket Of Army Men

I've always been down with using plastic toy soldiers in lieu of proper miniatures, and when a sweet pile of quality army men like these come along, I jump on it like a hungry mountain lion. Remember to click the pictures for absurd resolution close ups!

These are a Wal-Mart exclusive, and come with a good variety of terrain and vehicles, including helicopters, tanks and MECHA! The soldiers themselves come in three colors, and are a new sculpt I've never seen before, depicting near future heavy infantry with semi-rigid body armor and helmets, with a variety of weapons like pulse rifles, sniper rifles, miniguns, and missile launcher.

I had the munchkins open them up and set up a battle, which they seemed to have quite a bit of fun doing. So, I guess kid approved.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Making My Shield 2 - The REALLY easy Way

Also known as, my wife did this part.

So, as I was agonizing over how I wanted to decorate my shield, my wife said, "Why don't you just use a hippo?" This is, of course, an obscure reference. I thought that was a splendid idea, of course, as most of hers are. But the problem the heck am I going to paint a hippo?

Well, thank goodness Mrs. Fett is a much better hobbyist than I am.

This is the WIP step. There's one more to go, and prepare to have your soxors roxor'd. It's that amazing.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Minecraft Series 6 End Stone Codes

I have yet to find them all. Heck I didn't expect another series out so quickly after the first. But I grabbed two of the boxes bc the others were partially or fully opened so I couldn't guarantee the right codes, and that's the whole point! This is going to be a post in progress until I can fill them all in. Feel free to post in comments if you know the codes and what they are. =)

Minecraft Series 6: End Stone Codes

*only in one packs

Steve with shield (awesome orange and green creeper face paint scheme):

 Nether Portal Pigman*: 
Alex with shield:

Magma Cubes 3 stack:
 spectral damage zombie:
 pig in mine cart:
 laser-firing guardian*:
 potion-drinking witch:
  blacksmith villager*:
 exploding creeper:
baby horse*:

Taken from The Toy museum these are the codes he got:

A-Blacksmith Villager*
B-Baby horse *
C-Steve with Shield
D-Pig in Mine cart
E-Spectral Damage Zombie
G-Exploding Creeper
H-Drinking Witch
I-Magma Cubes
J-Alex with Shield
K-Portal Pigman*
L-Laser Guardian*

So I cannot help with codes because my codes had several mistakes as is. I bought 12- A-L that I found in the store. Here's what happened. I managed to score 11 of the 12, one being a repeat in dual coded boxes. Then I got the steve in shield (one is a dual that I mentioned) in two coded boxes, but from before neither of these codes matched my codes last time- so now I have 3! And the same with my pigman in portal- managed to get him in a different coded box this time too. And my codes for the ones I got didn't match his codes on his blog. So I guess for this round we don't have consistency.

So I guess it is more random this time than in previous series. That is annoying because now I can't buy the multiples I do want and I have to find the one I'm missing- as if these aren't difficult to find as is right now. All I see in stores is ice series, and I'm lucky with that! With this kind of frustration I may stop collecting these. Kinda miffed at minecraft when they do this stuff. I liked getting these because there was no real mystery to the packs, and I could get what I wanted. But now they may have lost a collector customer. It's really their lost not mine! 

They also have not released (at least not in my area) the 3 pack for ice series yet alone end stone series. So the only means of getting these are the single packs. I think whoever is in charge at MATTEL for this, has dropped the ball. For this series I DO NOT RECOMMEND buying them. While the figures are up to par with the others, I really really hate buying build packs with mystery. I do enjoy getting what I want, and I usually buy more than I should. But I refuse to buy it blind. This is why I stopped getting other blind packs. It just pisses me off!