Friday, February 27, 2015

Getting Mad At Work - Coming To Grips With My Alpha

First comes destruction...
"Your primary anger type is hot. When you get mad all rationality goes flying out the window- you've come to destroy; those who piss you off had better start running. You may or may not make sense as you spit out death threats and promises of pain, but you'll sure as hell sound scary doing it."

Yeah, so I've mentioned a few times lately that my work was getting to me. Darn near came to a head today. Not sure why I feel like writing about it. They say the power of stupid people in large groups is a terror to behold. That might be an understatement given what my workplace is becoming.

Anyway, wish me luck.

Obscure Video Game Review - Fate/Extra (Sony PSP)

Reaching back into the dark old days of portable gaming, you know...2010, takes us to the musty, fusty Sony Play Station Portable. Now, that makes it sound like there were not a lot of terrific games for the PSP, which there were. Case in point, Fate/Extra. Fate/Extra is an alternate universe to the main Fate/Stay Night story, in which many familiar characters are thrown into a computerized version of the Holy Grail war, which is sort of like the Thunderdome, where two masters enter, but one master leaves.

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Toys For Wargamming - Star Wars Command - Galactic Empire

Because no wargaming collection is complete without a gaggle of dudes in red dresses!

Essentially, I got this set because it comes with more stormtroopers. I wasn't kidding when I said I would probably end up using them as ComStar PA/L armors when I finally get around to playing some BattleTroops. Not sure what exactly I will have them go up against. It will most likely involve behind the lines rescue of stranded MechWarriors. Since ComStar is so zealous in guarding their tech, a small elite squad makes a good rescue team, and an excuse to have just a few guys mowing down regular troopers.

Anyway, this set includes two Royal Guard, four stormtroopers, two tie pilots (likely to be used as the aforementioned stranded pilots), and Palpatine himself. Old Palps comes in a pose that looks like he's trying to relieve frostbite with 'jazzhands.' Honestly, they're blue and he looks like he's saying "taa-daa!"

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

GoodSmile Saber Lion Nendoroid

Hey all, been a month of Sundays since I did any writing on the Examiner, and my Editor is yelling at me. Well, I presume she is, if I actually were to check the email account she sends me messages on. But anyway, do me a favor, read some of my Examiner articles. It'll give me a happy, and lower her highness the Editor's blood pressure. I'm probably going to go back to doing these more often, since I have a pretty glorious backlog of Persona, Fate, Strike Witches, KanColle, and Halo stuff. Thanks, and on with the show!

It is strange to write an article and have a title that makes so little sense, but such is the life of an anime reviewer. Today, let's take a look at one of the most adorable carnivorous mammals you will ever encounter, the Saber Lion. This is a pretty obscure reference to Saber's alternate costume in the video game Fate/Tiger Coliseum, though the character later appeared in other Type/Moon ensemble material, most notably in Carnival Phantasm, where Saber Lion notable ate the Servant Lancer in a fit of hunger.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Gaming With LEGO - Witch King Battle

Okay, so I'll admit right up front that I got this set entirely because it comes with two sets of elf-y hair with circlets. Because no LEGO Skyrim collection is complete without the Diadem of the Savant.

But it is a pretty fun set. Behold it in all of its overpriced licensed glory here, after being assembled by my crack team of Christmas elves. Elrond's elf armor of course works as LOTR armor, but suffices for Skyrim elf armor. Galadriel's robe is nice and generic. I feel like I will end up using the witch king to make draugr or husks or something. He's just pretty boring, really. Love the swords in this set, though.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Minifig Monday - Autobot Hound

Well, another cursed Monday rolls around the bend. Hope you all are having a good one thus far. Here's to brightening it up with plastic toys of fictional characters. Man, when I put it like that, I sort of bum myself out.

Anyway, I got Hound at TRU a month or so ago because these little customizable figure packs were on clearance, and he was the only one that was not some hideous neon color scheme. Hound is a pleasant olive drab. I can live with that.

Of course, I photographed the packaging, then let my little boy assemble it, then never saw it again. So...enjoy, internet. The most you will see of Autobot hound on this site. He did come with some cool accessories, like the KREO black powder revolver, and the GI Joe rifle they made for the Duke minifig. A lot of extra chrome and clear body parts, probably enough to make two complete figures.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Minecraft Wave 3 - Alex

As far as I can tell, wave three of the Minecraft action figures consists solely of the female main character. Alex. This is the only one of these toys I actually got for myself, the previously shown Minecraft figures went to my son. Why did I want, Alex? I don't know.

I tend to play female characters in RPGs, so maybe that has something to do with it. Or maybe I just wanted to get poor Gil (the Terraria PC in gold armor) a girlfriend at long last.

In any event, Alex comes with a Sword and Bow. She's an all around combatant, our girl Alex. Also included in the package is a green slime. Because, you know, they are only slightly less infinite than Hydrogen. I feel like we've covered this material before. My wife or son will likely end up confiscating the slime, but that's OK, I like the Terraria version better anyway.