Saturday, July 25, 2015

(Not Quite) All Quiet On The Hobby Front

So, with my recent unintentional unemployment, and looking for jobs, and battling my ex-employer over unemployment benefits, you would think I had neither time nor money to be engaging in miniature or gaming pursuits.

And you would be mostly right. Mostly, but not entirely.

I have been doing a little hobby stuff, here and there. For instance, I recently made a game board and two armies for The Duke (by Catalyst Games) one each for me and my wife. Also, I have been working on a whiteboard game board for Solo Tower Hack, so I can quit printing the home made printouts I cobbled together from the flash game. I really enjoy Solo Tower Hack, and while there is not real 'Character Generation,' for said game, I still find myself making characters in my head and equipping them as the ascend.

Also, I have been picking up the odd 'Toys for Wargaming' type of things, mostly at Game Stop, for an upcoming solo campaign of a new fun game I found called War Stuff. This is put out by the One Page Gaming rules guys. You can find it here.

The title was also done somewhat deliberately, as I have apparently caught, as happens from time to time, the WW1 gaming bug as well. We'll see how that goes.

Anyway, hopefully a little more content soon, I'm currently trying to cool down after a fairly bad day of battling government bureaucracy and corporate human resource shenanigans.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Cool Stuff My Wife Made - Saber's Dress Iris Folded Card

Just my periodic reminder to everyone of how awesome my wife is.

I almost just put 'paper foldy thingy' in the title, because I'm not a particularly crafty guy, myself. But I know my wife has become a wiz lately at this new paper-folding thing. So I asked her to make me one, but I couldn't come up with anything cool for her to make me, so she went and did Saber's dress from Fate/Stay Night. I was so tickled at how cool it came out that I framed and hung it in my office. These things are that neat.

In any event, she is selling these things over on her Etsy Site here. For those of you who are crafty by nature and want to try it out yourself, she also sells just the templates (which is why the photo is so watermarked, she's worried about someone stealing her templates, which take a lot of work to make). She's adding more characters and cool logos all the time, plus she is taking requests, if you don't see something you want.

If you're not interested in doing them or buying one, give her a like,or pin, or +1, or a share, or however you kids show approval on the internet these days. It helps her promote it for people who are into that sort of thing, not to mention it makes her feel good, and makes it look like I helped.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Halo 4 Jul 'Mdama Action Figure

Created by McFarlane Toys shortly after the release of Halo 4, Jul 'Mdama is the antagonist of that game, as well as a central character in Karen Traviss' Kilo-Five trilogy of novels. In this incarnation he is shown specifically wearing his 'Storm Covenant' armor as he appears in Halo 4 and especially the multiplayer 'Chapters.'

As expected of McFarlane quality, Jul 'Mdama is exquisitely detailed in both sculpting and painting. This is, to my knowledge, the first Sanghieli figure to have exposed skin on the arms in this scale. The elite's musculature and skin are fairly highly detailed, with muscles and veins sculpted at the right places.

It's not all sunshine and lollipops with Jul, however. There are a few nagging problems which keep this figure from being truly perfect. One is that his helmet does a poor job of staying in place. It looks good, both on and off, though it is fitted poorly and tends to slide off given the slightest excuse. A second is that Jul has a very difficult time holding his energy sword. Lastly, the figure is difficult to stand. This is doubly frustrating for long time collectors of the series, as the elite figures of previous waves stood very well.

The new, reduced profile McFarlane package manages to present a large figure efficiently, without taking an obnoxious amount of shelf space, the way the old Halo figures did. Unfortunately, with Jul, his energy sword is packaged so that it is likely to come slightly bent.

He is a tall and heavy figure, and while his knees have the 'click' articulation that is part of why the line is so successful, his weight and top-heaviness make him very difficult to stand.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Solo Tower Hack - Solo Gaming New And Improved?

I do so love solitaire games. It's how I started playing wargames seriously in late elementary school (dedicated readers will know my very first wargame was BattleTroops, but that was not very in depth, and it belonged to a neighbor). In fact, my very first RPG was a solo version of Dungeons & Dragons that came in the starter box I got for Christmas in probably 1992.

So it's clear that I like Solo games a lot. I've got a wife and kids, not much time or commitment from my other gamer friends, and I try to not spend ALL of my alone time on the computer. Hey, I try, alright?

 A few years ago, I got pretty excited about a game called Solo Dungeon Bash, because it was fun and simple and free. I like those things. Well, this morning, I followed a link on another blog to Board Game Geeks, and as always happens on that site, I ended up clicking around in the menus and suggestions links at the bottom of the page. While I was doing that, I happened across what you might call a 'Spiritual Successor' to that older game called Solo Tower Hack.

There are differences between the two, of course, but the similarities are strong enough that I already know how to play the game on an instinctual level. There's also a flash version that you can play which doesn't even require a pencil or dice. That's's even free-er!

It's a little more slick and elegant than Solo Dungeon Bash, though it's difficult to describe how. I do miss the mechanics for purchasing better gear, though the experience works a little better, in my opinion. I plan on playing this quite a bit in the next few weeks. I will let you know how it goes. I might even start a series, depending on how bored I get.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Wants - My Most Dangerous Time

So, the major downside to being unemployed (well, maybe not the major one, but it hurts nonetheless) is that you still occasionally find things that you really desperately want to buy. I'm not going to, but I really, really want to.

Like this tactical shovel. I have no idea what I would ever need to shovel tactically for, but I could probably also use such a tool to weed and clear brush and stumps like a boss. Maybe that's how I will pitch it to my CFO / wife.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Kantai Collection - Medichu Wo-class Aircraft Carrier

The recent craze for the warship-girl card collection game 'Kantai Collection' (or Kancolle for short), has inspired a whole host of spin off media and merchandise. Case in point, this Phat! company manufactured Medichu. There are also Minichu and Megachu figures put out by the same company, which are, you guessed it, smaller and larger, respectively.

Click to

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Good News Everyone!

I had never posted this, even though I was fairly proud of the photoshopping, because I was afraid of losing my job. Well, that ship has sort of sailed. So, enjoy, and whatever you do, never buy anything from those a-holes.
Hey all, sorry I have been a bit incommunicado for a while. So what was up is that I was a bit stressed and was fighting to keep my job. My main job, anyway. So I hadn't been posting much, because by the time I made it home at night, I was pretty much at wit's end.

Well, I got laid off.

I try not to post about my real life too much, and I had been deliberately not mentioning my employer here, as I was raised with the 'if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all' mentality. Well, they canned me, so they can suck it.

I'm going to be doing more in the near future with my articles, and I will likely have ebay auctions and whatnot to help tide me over, so stay tuned, and thank you for your patience.