Saturday, August 20, 2016

Toys For Wargaming - Playmobile Dark Colossus

I got this on clearance at Toys R Us, and I was pretty happy to have found it, since it is nearly precisely what I was looking for. It checks off two boxes, namely as an oversize Death Knight to go with my LEGO figure of Ainz, and also as a figure of the Overlord (from the video game) to tower over my LEGO goblin army. So it's a big guy for Human size LEGO, and a normal size guy for Goblin size LEGO. A twofer!

The Colossus (or Overlord, as you please), assembled. I like that the decals for his shield come unattached, so you can decide if you want to keep it metal toned, as I have. His sword is a two piece affair, that locks securely. Strangely, the buckle for his chest harness is a separate piece. I could live without that, but whatever.

One really neat feature of this figure, is that he has two levels of grip in his hands, so he can hold colossal weapons, as well as those meant for regular playmobile figures. I don't have any these days, but it's a nice feature.

His sword slots into a scabbard that you can stick on his back. Again, a separate piece, but it stays put, so I can live with it.

I think we'll be seeing more of this guy.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Penguin Lady, Babysitter, Pirate, Elsa - LEGO Wave 16 Part IV

Hey all, CounterFett here with the long delayed and probably slightly anticipated final installment of my descent into LEGO madness.

Antarctic Explorer. Because she has a camera and a penguin, see? Okay, we got a few of these, because this is the wave of the penguin or something. Hmm, makes me think about all the Space Penguin smugglers and scumbags in starbound.

Babysitter and Baby. Aside from totally wanting to  turn the girl into the protagonist of Lollipop Chainsaw, the whole reason to get this is the baby. Seriously.

Pirate. The anchor tattoo on his arm is pretty dope, I guess. Otherwise this one is pretty meh. I wish he had at least come with the cool new cutlass that the Ninjago pirates have.

Elsa. I don't know why they just didn't release this in the Disney wave. Because, umm, Elsa. She has cool ice rays to shoot from her hands, which is probably the best part of this one.

And that's it. Sorry this one was a little brief and uninspired, but there's a reason this batch got saved for last, and it's not because I thought they were the best.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Obscure Video Game Review: Overlord!

Who has been reading my blog long enough to remember Obscure Video Game Reviews? It's the feature where I play through an old, obscure, or terrible video game, then tell you all about it so you don't have to.

Well, I got in a bit of a rut with not feeling like posting, and sick of being a goody two shoes. So I went and played some Overlord! It's a pretty fun game, and can be had for quite cheap used (if you can find it). In it, you play the titular Overlord; an undead master of an army of goblins. Your predecessor was killed, the Dark Tower destroyed, and the goblin tribes scattered to the four winds.

You need to make this right. Er...wrong? Wrong again? Wronger?

Basically, it's Evil Pikmin.

It's cute, fun, and tongue in cheek. The Overlord is a silent protagonist (antagonist?) with an axe and some spells. You can chop your enemies if you like, though honestly, it's more efficient to let your little gremlins do the heavy lifting. And the fighting. And the turning of capstans. The Overlord does learn some cool spells as you progress, if you want to be a little more hands on, though I have honestly only used Fireball thusfar.

  • Fun re-imagining. Sure Pikmin was a revolutionary game, and this is a pretty blatant take off. Still, Nintendo's super G-rated stance makes the game somewhat unapproachable for a more mature audience. Hell, the Overlord has mistresses.
  • Silent Protagonist. The Overlord doesn't talk, or try to influence your decisions with morality, or ruminate on the meaning behind his actions. He swings his axe, guides his minions, casts his spells, and looks cool doing it. BYOB: Bring Your Own Backstory.
  • Minions. Most of your important actions are done by minions, which remind me of nothing so much as Gnoblar from Warhammer, if you know the reference.
  • User Interface. I don't think of 2006 as particularly being in the dark ages of game development, but the controls in this game do show their age. For instance, the camera controls are a little old fashioned and clunky. If you forget how a particular mechanic works (like, for instance the sacrifice shrines, which use a different combination of buttons than any of the other mechanics), or, god forbid, miss the tutorial, god help you, because nothing else in the game will.
  • Maps and Waypoints. This game has neither. It's a relatively open world game, a credit to early 360 capabilities, but a lot of the countryside looks the same, and there's no map or waypoint system to help you find your way around. It can be tough getting lost between the human village and halfling village early in the game. 
It's a pretty decent title, for an entry in this feature. I got both this and Overlord II, so I will likely post a review of that as well, at some point. For now, though, I am contemplating ways to create an Overlord in LEGO. Other that Ainz, I mean.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Harem Guard, Backpacker, Cyborgette, Bananaman - LEGO Wave 16 Part III

I feel like they made this guy solely so you could reenact the 'Street Rat' scene from Disney's Aladdin with the character from the Disney wave. It's basically the Agrubah guard. There's not much to say about this guy, except there seems to be a lot of him in this wave. I guess if you have a shortage of the scimitar and turban, now you don't.

 Backpacker. As much as the figure itself leaves me a bit cold, he comes with some sweet accessories. The pack i s splendid, his map is a nice touch, and his mapping compass is INSPIRED. I can probably find a use for his hair, too, come to think of it.

The Cyborgette is a very cool figure, but the flip side of the coin from the backpacker, as there's really not much to use on her, unless you want exactly what she is. The armor, gun and body pieces can't really be applied to much beyond space soldiery. Her hair is awesome, and her face is dope. The omnitool thing she's got going on, along with what can only be described as a kawashii visor, makes me think this is a 'not' Commander Shepard. Which is kinda cool in its own way, when you get right down to it.

Bananaman. Like the Penguin from last post, this one is worth getting just because...hey LEGO bananaman! There is nothing else this can be used for. But...hey LEGO bananaman.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Dog Show-er, Penguin, Monochrome Boy, Mariachi - LEGO Wave 16 Part II

This guy's hair is splendid. Just look at that pompadour. So, this dude looks like he either won or took second place in a dog show with his trusy white sheepdog(?).  I mean, the trophy is silver. Do silver trophies ever mean first place? I am uncertain.

Penguin Costume Ice Skater. It's Disney's "Penguins on Ice" or is the on ice implied since they're penguins? Again, there is a lot in this wave that makes me uncertain. This one is neat, and it makes me want to assemble a corps of penguin soldiers to accompany Venom Snake while he's wearing the Chicken Hat. Maybe like arctic assault specialists?

Monochrome Boy. This, of course is the slightly generic Munsters-esque counterpart to the girl from a couple waves ago that was patently not Wednesday Adams. He comes with a Spider, and a neat book that I am pretty sure my wife has already turned into Skyrim spellbooks.

Mariachi. He has a cool guitar, sombrero, and mustache. These are all pieces I can reuse for some wild west shoot 'em up wargaming. A fistful of honey jumps to mind. Also, if anyone wanted to recreate that scene from 'Desperado' where the Mariachi/Vigilantes wasted that whole town with their mariachi themed machine guns, this would be a good starting point.

That's it for now. Until part III!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Boxer, Splinter Cell, Devil, Ranger - LEGO Wave 16 Part I

Hey all, Counterfett here. I did promise that I would be doing several of these a day, so as not to take half a month to get through this project, so here goes. I was thinking of doing a kind of 'Theme' for each post, since this wave seems to have clusters of related figures, but with how much photo editing I had to do to get these to work, I'm to lazy to even think about such things.

Lady Boxer. This is a neat, if somewhat simple figure. She comes with nice, versatile pieces, a double sided head, a nice, if common hairstyle, and a boxing helmet. The gloves are a must if you ever wanted to make a minifigure of a Fallout 2 character that used the plated boxing gloves.

Splinter Cell. Okay, so this guy is probably supposed to be IMF, or corporate espionage, or whatever. He comes with the rope, goggles, a cool new hair piece, and a fire hose nozzle. I'm not sure if it's supposed to represent an automatic pistol or a grapnel launcher. The rope inplies the latter,  but since the previous wave's lady cat burglar had a much more compelling grapnel, I'm just not sure. Sadly, his hair can't be used for much else, since the NVGs actually latch onto the hair piece. Disappointing.

Devil (trick or treat).  Well, I think we all know I am going to use this to make the Robot Devil from Futurama.

Ranger. This sure looks like a Nightingale from Skyrim to me. He's got some neat parts, comes in a harder to get color, and has that sick new masked hood. There's a lot to like in this figure, even if the rather generic theme isn't your thing. There's just so much here that can be reused.

Smash! Amiibo Dioramas

Here is the awesome Smash stage for some random battling characters! This amiibo diorama is much more "hefty." It is plastic folding instead of paper and the side edge is also more cardboard than paper (kirby was paper). The base does not have inserts for amiibos, but allows you to place anywhere, which is awesome!

Here's my pics.