Sunday, March 29, 2015

Toys for Wargaming - Silver Knight Optimus Prime

This was a result of the Grimlock buying extravaganza that happened...what, almost a year ago? It was back when we were still recording the AMP show, I remember that much. Anyway, I am not sure if I ever put this together or what became of it, but I half intended to use some of this in BattleTroops games. Prime is about the right size to be a ProtoMech at that scale, which is a thing.

Seriously, though, Optimus Prime riding Grimlock. Only in a Michael Bay film, you know?

Monday, March 23, 2015

Mikoto Misaka Nendoroid Petit

Well, after making the (in retrospect flawed) decision to purchase the Figma of Misaka Imouto instead of Mikoto, back when they were about the same price on the secondary market, I was still in need of a little Railgun. Enter Nendoroid Petit. Basically teensy tinsy versions of the more posable Nendoroid line of Chibi figures, Petits are, as you might guess smaller, less detailed, and less articulated.

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Pirate - Terraria Action Figures Series 1

This is another one of those NPCs that was released into the game after I stopped playing it the first time. He was the second of the 'hardmode' characters I got to spawn (afte the wizard) because it took me so stinking long to get a Pirate Invasion!

He's pretty true to how he appears in the game. He comes with a Cannon, which I have no idea if that's cool or not, since I haven't used the cannon yet, as well as some miscellaneous pirate gear like a chest and map. But most importantly, he comes with a Cutlass!

I actually finally got the cutlass last night, and am I ever pleased with it! 60+ damage, average knockback, very fast speed, and autoswing! Call me a geezer, but I try to not use weapons without autoswing, because it get's old repeatedly pulling the right trigger. Especially because my controller is squeaky.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

LBX Hunter - Bandai SpruKits (Level I)

 As mentioned in the overview article a few weeks ago, we do have some LBX SpruKits on hand for a more in depth study. The exact kit in question is the Hunter, a sniper rifle armed lupus robot thingie. Now, it's not immediately obvious from the box art, but the Hunter comes with a tail! It's actually quite well executed, and articulates on a ball swivel.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Wow. So, I've Been Gone

So, I was gone or an awful long time. My work has been extra stressful and stupid. I got Terraria for the Xbox 360, and when I realized that they had essentially double or triple the content of the game, I went on an exploration and boss killing frenzy.

So I've been gone a while. As an apology, have this great piece of Fate/Stay Night fan art. I wish I knew who drew it, but I found it on one of those image sites you tend to only find if you have 'Safe Search' turned off. I love the little shy smile. It makes Shiro and Saber look like such a cute young couple.

Too bad they never actually had moments like this.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Toys For Wargaming - Star Wars Command - Desert Escape

I will admit that I pretty much just bought this set for the Boba Fett. The fact that it comes with Chewbacca is kind of a plus as well. But really, Boba Fett. I try not to be too much of a fangirl for Mandalorians, but seriously, just look at the name of this blog.

Nevermind the complete disregard for cinematic accuracy, in that Boba Fett was not even in this movie at all.

Other than my main man Fett, this set has some other cool bits. There's Han shooting first. There's the aforementioned Chewbacca.You got some Sandtroopers (I have quite a few of them at this point), which I will likely use as elite ComStar soldiers or some such, since they look the same as the PA/Ls (regular stormies), but with more specialized gear. There's C-3PO and R2-D2, which is a bit of a wash, as I would have appreciated more combat soldiers, but hey, I suppose I can use them as objectives in a game or something. There's even an anonymous Jedi, who I can use as a player character or warband leader or some such.

Another fun thing is that the set includes a landspeeder and TIE fighter on flight bases. Now, again, how high could Luke's landspeeder fly? Seems like a 40k 'Speeder at this point. But whatever.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Halo Mega Bloks Flood Elite And 343 Guilty Spark

Recently, the Halo Mega Bloks BRAVO wave of blind pack minifigures began to hit stores. These are a pretty good thing for collectors of the series, as it usually gives the chance to get a few rare or previously exclusive minifigures per wave that they might have been unwilling to buy a larger set for.

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