Sunday, November 27, 2016

Who Is That Mystery Minifigure?

Okay, I got bored last weekend and decided to play LEGOs with my Christmas Elf. That's how all of those little polybag sets got built. What I was doing at the same time was trying to find the pieces to build the above minifigure to do some solo gaming.

See, I am a simple man. I have simple aspirations in life. In my childhood, there were few people I admired, but one was an indomitable hero whose exploits seemed impossible, and the stuff of legends. I dreamed of walking in his shoes. So now I have as close as I can make him in LEGO immortality.

Anyone have a guess as to who this is? If no one gets it, I'll post the answer in a few days.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

LEGO 30374 - The Lava Slinger - Nexo Knights Polybag

So, here's another one that I got a while back and was laying around my office. Had the Elf build this one while he was at it.

What you get for your $4-5 investment is a neat red demon/reptile soldier, a little manually operated catapult cart, and some extra doodads. The chipped scimitar isn't as neat of a find as it used to be, as they've been in loads of sets recently. though the switches, fangs and tread wheels are always welcome for making MOCs. Particularly when they come in unusual colors like red or gold.

Here it is assembled. A fun, quick little set, that gets you a minor vehicle to play around with quickly. If you're not into the big complicated builds (which I am not, these days) this is a pretty cool find.

Monday, November 14, 2016

LEGO 30315 Moon Rover Poly Bag

I got this a while back because I was going to use the space helmet and gold visor for something. And in classic Counterfett style...I don't remember what that was.

In any event, it's a pretty neat little set. I had the Christmas elf put this together for me as well a few days ago, and he said it was a fun easy build. He ended up getting the rover (minus one small piece you will see in a few days), while I kept the fig. I'm sure some of his pieces will be useful in the near future.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Toys R Us Exclusive Ninjago Figure Pack

So, my family happened to be kicking around TRU a few weeks back, and we saw this randomly hanging out on the pegs. It was the only one, and in the wrong place, but we figured it would be worth checking to see if it was available for sale (a lot of the promo items there aren't, and they won't let you buy them if they don't ring up). We ended up getting it for just under $4.

I didn't really get this for any reason, but I figured there were lots of neat little parts we might end up using for something or other. My Christmas elf built it this morning, and I must admit to being a little underwhelmed. I suppose it was still a god grab for the price, and you never know what parts you might need in the future, but at the moment, I don't have much I can use these for.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Amiibo Rosalina!

I'll admit it, I'm a big fan of Rosalina, or as my wife calls her, Star mama. I don't think I ever played Mario Galaxy (Mrs. Fett did though). I did play the Mario Kart game where she was a playable character thought, and she was a hoot to play. Especially if you like using the big road bikes, but don't like Bowser's huge character model clogging up your screen.

The original Rosalina Amiibo was a Target exclusive here in the States, and as such, was stupidly impossible to find. This version is slightly different, without her staff and Luna sidekick. This is presumably done to make it so the people who bought the exclusive version still have something special, and also so they might buy a second version. This is how exclusives ought to be done, frankly.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Gamestop Fire Emblem Amiibo Restock

Hey all, Counterfett here trying to recover from what must be the longest posting gap in the history of the blog! I am pretty sure I didn't go this long without posting when I had nerve damage in my arm. Still and all, thanks for stopping by and bearing with me.

So, one of my big regrets was that I missed the Fire Emblem Amiibos that came out way in the dark ages when the line launched. See, they were only compatible with games and systems I didn't have, and there were honestly just better ways to get figures of the characters I liked.

Well, then Fire Emblem Fates came out, and if you had the proper Amiibo, you could recruit characters like Lucina and Robin. Well, Robin is nice and all, but I needed me some Lucina! I actually got Lucina off of ebay for a not ludicrous price, but the other characters were less important enough to me that I never bothered.

Now that the re-release is out and in stores, however, I decided getting Robin would not be a terrible idea. So now I have a Tactician. I love the little Levin sword.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Not-So Obscure Video Game Review - Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6. So, I played it. Despite expectations, I rather enjoyed it. Right up front, I will tell you that RE:6 is a game you have to love warts and all, or else, well, you just won't like it one bit.

Now, the sixth main installment in the Resident Evil franchise, like some of the others, is a multi playthrough affair, where you see bits and pieces of the whole story as you play through each main character's 'chapter.' Essentially, an alphabet soup of viruses break free or is set free by 'insurgents' or evil corporations, and it's up to an alphabet soup of agencies (some real and fictional) to contain, counter, or otherwise control the virus and its related horrific monstrosities. There, that's the whole synopsis.

  • Graphics. They're decent. There are the occasional odd animations, primarily in cutscenes, though the facial animations are surprisingly amusing in some places. Especially Sherry and Jake's scenes where she gets exasperated with his ogling.
  • Scope. The story is tremendously ambitious. It more or less delivers on these ambitions in a way that makes for fun game play. Yes, many of the games premises are questionable or downright stupid, but the chapters' story setup does make, by and large, for some amusing situations to shoot your way out of.
  • Voice Acting. Okay, so at this point you all are aware of how much I enjoy good voice acting. It's pretty good in this. With the exception of a few annoying characters (I'm looking at you Piers), the voice cast was rather top notch.
  • User Interface. Who thought it was a good idea to have the HUD be different based on which chapter you were playing? It's not.
  • Cutscene'd. This is a term I made up for games where you get screwed over regularly by events outside of the players' control during rendered cutscenes. It happens in this game. A lot. It is still just as annoying as it ever was. Worse than the regular cutscene, even, in RE:6 enemies can move towards you during cutscenes, then when you come out of the render and resume control, you find yourself being downed by an animated kill move that the enemy could not possibly have pulled off if you had been playing. Losing ranks because of this is frustrating.
  • Control Scheme. I am going to use this as a catch-all for 'bad game design choices,' since there are several worth mentioning, and I don't want to give them all their own category. Things like odd or hard to accomplish Quick Time Events.  Being unable to share supplies with your partner (something you could do in the previous game). Gimmicky partner actions (how many times in your life have you gone through a door that took two people to open? It's never happened to me). Your aiming choices can be categorized as bad or worse. Vehicle segments are odd to control and seem pointless. And this is hardly an exhaustive list.
Final verdict. While I generally had a good time playing Resident Evil 6, I bought it REALLY cheap. Like $5 ballpark. If I had paid full price for this, I would have been pretty unhappy. It just should have been so much more than it turned out to be. The bones for a really good game are present here, but they're put together wrong, like a Victorian era dinosaur. And like said Iguanadon,  the most it is good for is a laugh.