Monday, February 8, 2016

Custom Amiibo Box to Hold Amiibos!

I have amiibo fever and it specifically mostly relates to my deep love for all things Animal Crossing (AC)! So this idea started when I realized there was going to be AC amiibos and Fett and I traveled to the store to find amiibo storage. At the time there was only that coin block holder, and that won't do with my love of AC. So I used to make boxes to hold things growing up. Mostly modpodge boxes, and while that would have worked here, that would take more time, and frankly more AC was due out so I needed something I could create in a day to hold my stuff.

I took and old game box, and we had a few lying around. The first one I left the paper one and did it in paper, then tape to make water resistant- I've got kids, and I need protection for my precious AC amiibos! So I figure it isn't the best, but would work to prevent moisture should it get near my stuff without my permission. =) I used paper, and a large print. This is unadvised as you can see the box underneath and it doesn't look as good as the infinite pattern- which hides your lines and mistakes. The slight overwrap on this that I did for the sides, then placed the last sheet on top is the best.

The second time I went with a smaller print, cardstock paper, and tape. Looks like plastic, but I did have to cut tiny slits on the top to help breathe the box when closing cause other wise the air bubble pressure pushes back and takes forever to close the stupid box. I did cut the side to the exact length on this one, not as good as the first one where I did a slight over wrap then placed the top sheet to hide seems. This pattern works the best for light colored prints.

The other box I did I used a busy pattern. I wanted a place for my non-AC amiibos, and decided that I liked the Splatoon pattern. Worth a shot and I love Splatoon, so a win-win for me. This was really my second box. I wanted to mess around with pattern on this go. Looked better. I used an infinite pattern and printed on paper. Honestly, the paper worked better than the cardstock, if it is dark enough not to show the box underneath. I stripped the paper off of this before placing my own. It is a larger box (old scrapbook paper holding box). I like this shape better as you can get several in one box. I left the bottom undone because I think it compliments it better and the lid goes on and off better because it doesn't go all the way down the side. I used regular paper and lined up four sheets starting with a center point on the top then wrapped it down and over the sides. This is great because the pattern lends itself to that and looks pro. So this version works best.

I will eventually redo them in a heavier cardboard box, with layers so that they can stack in one box, be protected, but be in the same place. But for now this works.

I also created "hashtags" as people are calling them now. Frankly, they are still number signs, or pound signs, or octothorpe as I first learned them. These were made from a smaller thinner cardboard. I measured and divided the spaces as I needed them. You cut every so small "v" coming to a stop in the middle. Do this on both the vertical and horizontal. Don't make the "v" to big or it won't hold. Start with just a straight cut at your line, then take a sliver on either side meeting up at the stop point. Then assemble!

I also lined each box with a bit of scrap fleece. So soft and fluffy that my amiibos will certainly be happy! In my larger box I used scrap batting from my quilting. I like fleece better. Just seems to be better.

Before I close the box I will also be putting in cubes of soft foam. I have seen pinterest things where you could make a custom molded foam pad by wrapping your amiibo placing it down then use spray foam to create a dense usable foam section made for your amiibo. But that seems like a ton of extra work when I have a spare piece of 3 inch foam I can cut down in a fraction of the time. It's about using what you have on hand peeps!

So the lessons learned if you should attempt is:

Use darker prints with an infinite pattern- it'll make your seems invisible

If wrapping sides and placing top piece use regular paper and do a slight overwrap before placing top sheet. Otherwise lining up infinite pattern in smaller sections that cover work really well.

Wrapping in tape helps, but taking the time to modpodge the sheets down and give a protective layer would be better. It would also help with any sticking issues or pressure issues when opening or closing of the box you get when using tape. But you should protect it somehow because then a drop can be dried before ruining electronics!

I hope all goes well with your adventure with custom amiibo storage. I hope my experimenting can save you time and money. I also recommend looking up on pinterest other box forms. Additional tutorials can prove useful. I thought about using a plastic base and covering it with fabric, but then where do I get Splatoon and Animal Crossing fabric?!

Hero Mashers - Triceratops

Kids nowadays are weird. These would never have been allowed to reach clearance when I was a kid. Customizable dinosaurs. This is a thing. I got these on my recent spate of 'things I wasn't looking for but bought because they were on super clearance.' Of course, there weren't any carnivores to be had, so maybe kids haven't wandered too far off of the reservation.

It's a Triceratops. But it can also be a Stegosaurus. It can also be an unholy amalgam of both. I also bought an Ankylosaurus, but that's a post for another day.

Until then, sleep tight, and may visions of Cthuludon dance in your head.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Amiibo Zero Suit Samus

I liked Samus way back in the old NES days, despite never liking Metroid much This was simply because she was a female character, and female video game protagonists were less common than hens' teeth back then. As the series and years progressed, Samus, like many other Nintendo characters, had some appearance changes and upgrades. One of these was the 'zero' suit, or blue body suit she wears under her armor.

Now, I like boobs as much as the next guy, but Zero suit Samus kind of annoys me. In any event, we got this back when there was some BOGO deal on Amiibos at Toys R' Us. Kelli said I should get it because I like Samus, and it's fairly uncommon around here. Both of these things are true. But still. Here it sits on my bookshelf still unopened. Reminding me that the objectification of women is irritating to me.

Maybe I'm thinking too hard about this.

It's a nice figure in every other respect. Recent runs of amiibo figures do not use the shiny metallic paint any more, which means my earlier Zelda, Shiek, and Samus figures look nice than more recent ones. Yay me.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Unlikely RPG Inspiration - The Army Of Evil Snowmen Returns!

Oh my god. I almost peed myself when I saw this Nissan commercial on youtube. It reminded me viscerally of a long abandoned army project I had: The Army Of Evil Snowmen. Seriously, this is spot on what I wanted to do. The commercial is TERRIFYING. Okay, so animated snowmen scare me. It's something to do with winter depression, getting lost in a snowy wilderness, a healthy person's fear of mental disorder, and loneliness all rolled into one.

Or maybe, they're just scary monsters. Like Clowns.

In any event, it got me thinking about my old abandoned Army of Evil Snowmen project. They were supposed to be 'Counts as Tyranids,' back when that was a thing people cared about. Don't know what I'd use them for now, but I sort of want to try.

Of course, I need more solo projects like I need more holes in my head.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Toys For Wargaming - Call Of Duty MegaBloks - Attack Turret

I was super uninterested in these sets, but then they went on clearance, and I decided I wouldn't mind having this one for $7. I had something at the time I was working on that I was thinking of for a solo game, but that never panned out. So this set never really got used. It was a pretty clever build. I especially liked the spare artillery shells made from tube and peg connectors.

The figures were pretty bland, but they came with cool weapons, an M1 Garand with a bayonet and a Tommy Gun. Honestly, I got more use out of the weapons than I did the rest of the set.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Shovel Knight Amiibo!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, after Mrs. Fett and I had scoured the internet for this little guy, we found him in the most unlikely of places...Toys R' Us! He was the only one there, and we nabbed him, even though he had a blemished package. Doesn't bother us any, we were planning on opening him anyway.

Hopefully, the one we bought off the internet a week or so ago, but has not arrived, has a nice package, so we can have the best of both worlds.

For those of you not in the know, Shovel Knight is a fun and retro side scrolling adventure game in the style of Super Mario Bros. meets Mega Man meets high fantasy. Players take on the role of the titular Shovel Knight as he begins his quest to rescue his beloved Shield Knight.

My wife is hoping against hope for further releases. It would be nice to get a Shield Knight or Plague Knight, but I'm not getting my expectations up. I just wish this guy would be compatible with Fire Emblem - Fates. Because having Shovel Knight on my team would be dope.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Solo Gaming Projects - Ronin, Frostgrave, All Things zombie

Well, as the title suggests, I am making incremental progress on the big three solo gaming projects I have going. Still working on assembling parts for my Buntai for Ronin. That's going slow, since I haven't even really decided which characters or how many points I will be playing. But still. Also, I'm having a very difficult time with ATZ. Just something about THW's games which I always find a bit perplexing. Perhaps adding that one to the roster was a little poorly considered.

"I am Evileye, a woman of legend. No matter the enemy's strength, I will fight!"
I am thinking of working up another warband for Frostgrave, however. Since my Overlord themed necromancer worked so well, I was thinking of making another group centered around the character above. Evileye is a powerful, mysterious, mask wearing mage who is part of a team of adventurers called 'Blue Rose,' who (maybe not much of a spoiler alert) also happens to be a vampire. She's a fun enough character that she managed to become my favorite in the series, toppling long time favorite, Albedo.

Not sure how I would want to stat out her warband, except to maybe make them themed around the other members of Blue Rose? I suppose the Ninjas can be thieves, Gagaran a Templar, and Lakyus as the Apprentice with some healing potions? If I work on this more, I'll be sure to post what I do.