Sunday, May 21, 2017

Day 4 Smurfs Micro Village - 3 Pack 2!

Yeah, so, the naming convention has not improved. At least this set has the au naturale Wild Smurf in it. Because regular smurfs are so gauche. Also Painter Smurf, and the ironically named Smurf. Because it takes a special kind of Smurf to just be, well a Smurf. In a way, this is my favorite set, because the Wild Smurf is just hysterical. But since none of these dudes comes with the cut waist articulation from the Papa set, well, they don't have that going for them.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Power Battlers Boba Fett Pig

We have rules here at All Things Fett. Strict Rules. One is the no profanity thing, which I have upheld rigorously, though some toys have had me scrambling for synonyms since 2008. The other is the mandatory posting of Fett related toys I come across.Since it's been a while, I figured it was high time for another Dollar Store find, the Star Wars: Angry Birds crossover rendition of Boba Fett.

Yes, Boba Fett Pig.

Because this is a thing. He also comes with a Han Solo Bird Target, which is actually rather tongue in cheek, but I forgot it was there and threw it away with the package. Sadface. It is a friction motor car, at heart, so any knock down games you like to play with pull back cars or wind up toys can now have Boba Fett Pig as a competitor.

Time for some bedroom floor bowling.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Day 3 Smurfs Micro Village - 3 Pack 1!

I am at a bit of a blank on how to label the three packs, since they don't have titles of their own, but hey, this set strikes me as #1!

So, not a lot new here to cover, but you get Papa Smurf, a Smurf, and Smurfette. For some reason, Papa Smurf and the Generic Smurf from this set are the only figures which have any articulation, to whit, a waist cut, which is neat.

SAN Check 1! Roleplaying With My Kids.

My daughter recently got it into her head she wanted to play Dungeons&Dragons with me. Not sure entirely where this came from, as I have not played a legit game of D&D since before she was born. 'Whatever' I thought, 'Should be fun' I thought.

Welp. There I go thinking again. Bunny Fett was the Dungeon Master, Junior Fett and I were PCs (Smarty the Archer and Bjorn the Warrior, respectively). And we were accompanied by one NPC, a Dragonman Cleric named Kaz.

Our Brave Heroes are on some sort of journey by caravan. Unfortunately, the caravan was raided by mysterious bandits in black clothes, and everyone runs for their lives in separate directions. Our Heroes' wagon crashes in the forest, killing the driver. Heroically, Smarty and Bjorn leave Kaz to work on the wagon, and explore a nearby hut. We see through the windows that there is a scroll and some sort of magic item in the middle of an ash pile.

Smarty and Bjorn return to the wagon to see that Kaz has turned one of the broken wagon's wheels into a table. Apparently Kaz is functionally impaired for much of the time. Kaz wants to check out the hut too, since he thinks it might have belonged to a former mentor of his. Kaz strolls in and picks up the Scroll and magic item, which he declares his mentor would have wanted. Smarty and Bjorn find a magical bow and shield, which they pick up, immediately taking fire damage. Kaz mentions that his mentor probably didn't want them to have those, and that they shouldn't have touched them. Kaz is also kind of a dick.

The Heroes head South in the direction they know there to be a town. Upon reaching the town, they are perturbed to discover they don't have any of the local currency with which to pay for services. The awkward young girl who runs the Inn tells them they could earn loot and the townsfolk's' favor by clearing out the spooky mansion across the street.

Across the street in the spooky mansion, our Heroes follow a friendly ghost which leads them to a very unfriendly Liger. Bjorn moves to block the path so the Liger cannot attack Smarty and Kaz, and attacks with his sword. Missing. Smarty shoots an arrow and hits it in the nose. Kaz does nothing of value. The Liger attacks, failing to do any damage to Bjorn. Bjorn attacks with his sword. Missing. Smarty shoots an arrow in the Liger's eye, killing it. Kaz does nothing of value.

Victorious, our Heroes find a veritable cornucopia of loot. Upgrades to everyone's gear! Also, they find a feeble old man, brother of the guy who owned the Liger, who had been trapped in the Spooky mansion all this time.Their work here done, and awash in the local currency, they return to the stable to pay for quartering their wagon, and thence the inn to pay for lodgings. While Bjorn and Smarty settle the bill, Kaz becomes a convert to the local religion after getting his hand severed but surviving due to the intervention of a deity known as "Illya." Bjorn and Smarty chip in to buy Kaz a prosthetic, which he couldn't otherwise afford.

Our Heroes need a new Cleric.
That's it for the inaugural session of SAN Check! Please let me know what you think in the comments. Also, I'd love to hear anyone else's experience in RPGs with kids. This was, astonishingly the first time I'd tried with my kids, everything to date has been tabletop or miniature gaming, some with RPG-like elements, but no RPG per se.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Day 2 Smurfs Micro Village - Papa Smurf & Smurfette Deluxe Pack

And this here is the slightly more expensive (by about a dollar at the place I found it, anyway 😖) Deluxe pack, which includes whole gobs of Smurfy village stuff.

You get seven interlocking village segments, as well as Papa Smurf's house, Smurfette's house, and a Push & Go snail, which is the real star of the show. You can put them together any way you want, though how I have them is the only way that makes sense without more pieces, as otherwise you have roads or rivers dead ending on other tiles. But whatever.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Day 1 Smurfs Micro Village - Papa Smurf Starter Set

So, along with all of the other wacky stuff I got at the Dollar store during the great LEGO Dimensions Purge, my wife and I got these Smurfs Micro Village Sets from Jakks Pacific. Now, she wanted them because she just LOVES the Smurfs. And while I like the Smurfs reasonably well, I saw great wargaming potential in this micro terrain they had going on here.

I mean, Gnome Wars jumps to mind, but since that's a little 'on the nose' I figured I could look a little bit outside the box, and BAM! Halo Micro Ops figures. Yeah, I still have a shoe box of those teensy tinsey Spartans. Oh, and the Halo Mega Blox metal series. Oh, and the new Hotwheels Halo vehicles that friend of the blog Other James clued me in on (more on this soon!).

We live in interesting times.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

LEGO Wave 17 - Mystery Figure and Elf Princess

Well, this is it, folks, the last installment. My wife and I got a lot of these to even get the one's we did, and simply don't care to buy any more for the last few figures. I know that sounds uncharacteristically  defeatist of me, but it's the truth. I've gotten a little burned out on the blind bags in general, and nothing in this wave particularly grabbed me the way something in the past waves always seemed to.

Highwayman. This was the mystery figure. And can I just point out how ridiculous and redundant the concept of a mystery figure is in a blind bag series? They should all be sufficiently mysterious, do you not think? Still, the highwayman does not disappoint. He comes with a brace of pistols, in gunmetal, which if not new, is at least uncommon. He has some cool Victorian 'gentleman burglar' motif for the clothes. A black cape, which would have saved me some work in the semi recent Santa Alter project. There's also a bandanna mask, which is still a rare enough piece to make me happy to have it. I think the highwayman is my favorite figure from this wave, in execution and also in the number of parts that should be reusable. Seriously, though, why do all the figures in this wave have printing on the legs.

Elf Princess. This is a good one. Shield, sword, cool hair with ears, and it's even in stock LEGO yellow. The dress print is nice too. A great figure. I have a hard time thinking it can be used for anything other than Mrs. Fett's  LEGO Skyrim project, but that's good enough to merit high marks.

Well, folks, as I mentioned, it has certainly been a bumpy ride. There were some cool figures in this wave, such as the highwayman, elf princess, dwarf berserker, but there were also some duds, to my way of thinking, as well as a few figures that managed to revisit figures from only a few waves ago, that frankly, didn't need to be revisited.