Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Kantai Collection - Medichu Wo-class Aircraft Carrier

The recent craze for the warship-girl card collection game 'Kantai Collection' (or Kancolle for short), has inspired a whole host of spin off media and merchandise. Case in point, this Phat! company manufactured Medichu. There are also Minichu and Megachu figures put out by the same company, which are, you guessed it, smaller and larger, respectively.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Good News Everyone!

I had never posted this, even though I was fairly proud of the photoshopping, because I was afraid of losing my job. Well, that ship has sort of sailed. So, enjoy, and whatever you do, never buy anything from those a-holes.
Hey all, sorry I have been a bit incommunicado for a while. So what was up is that I was a bit stressed and was fighting to keep my job. My main job, anyway. So I hadn't been posting much, because by the time I made it home at night, I was pretty much at wit's end.

Well, I got laid off.

I try not to post about my real life too much, and I had been deliberately not mentioning my employer here, as I was raised with the 'if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all' mentality. Well, they canned me, so they can suck it.

I'm going to be doing more in the near future with my articles, and I will likely have ebay auctions and whatnot to help tide me over, so stay tuned, and thank you for your patience.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

GoodSmile Yu Narukami Figma

Goodsmile is releasing in September what is one of the most anticipated Male Figma characters in recent memory. In fact, preorders closed early as the item sold out earlier than anticipated. That figure is Yu Narukami. This is noted as Yu as he is depicted in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, but, conveniently, since Narukami is fuctionally identical in all of his appearances, this can pretty much represent the character any way you would like.

Edit: I removed the link since Examiner is blocking the article. They suck.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Minifig Monday - Lego Elves

Hey all, Counterfett here. So, I got this set a while back for my wife, because she really likes the LEGO friends lines. And these are along the same vein, with really clever and intricate builds. The hair styles and colors remind me a lot of anime, so I mostly want to steal them from her.

The sets are a lot of fun, and a decent value when compared to the Disney licensed princess sets.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Toys For Wargaming - Icarus Troopers

About a year back, there was a Call Of Duty Mega Bloks set which had Astronaut troopers. I thought that was pretty cool at the time, but didn't want to spring the 'Big Set Price' of something linke $70. Well, a few months later, and the Icarus Troopers set comes out. Inside, you get 5 astro troopers, as well as a little satellite thingie. So really all you are missing from the big set is a much larger satellite. I think this set was $15-$20

A much better deal, in my opinion.

The big downside to these is that they are pretty darn hard to put together. Seriously. I gave them to my kids to put together, and got them back a few days later, still unassembled. I laughed, and went to do it myself. Then I stopped laughing. This set is too hard to assemble. Seriously. I did finally get it, but it was such a pain that I didn't even want to photograph the completed set.

It was that bad.

So unless you are really in love with the idea of armed Astronaut Soldiers, I would suggest to just pass on this set.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

World Of Nintendo - Link Action Figures

Well, if you had read between the lines when I posted the Samus review some days back, you would have known this was coming. Later that same day, we were walking around a different Target. This one was not as well organized, so I was quickly scanning each aisle as my wife looked for LEGO friends and My Little Ponies. And I found what some kid (or other collector, I suppose) had hidden in the pool toy aisle.


I think this is the longest I have looked for anything in stores to avoid having to pay Amazon scalper mark up. Because, seriously, this cost less than a third of what these are going for on Amazon right now. Before shipping.

For Link himself, he's pretty good. I would have preferred they paint his shirt collar a different color, since it is molded, but left gray like his chainmail, when it should match his sleeve. His sword does fit all the way in the scabbard, which non of the pictures show done correctly, and had me a little concerned. I like that his face is painted to look less effeminate than the Figma version (which looks like he is wearing lipstick). This version is a bit small compared to the other figures in the same line.

His surprise accessory is his shield, which was not much of a surprise at all, really. This is kind of a bummer, because this is the #1 thing that should be check for paint quality. Mine was fin, but I would have been happier confirming that before I bought.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Futurama Pop! Vinyl Robot Devil

I'll admit to being largely nonchalant to the Pop! Vinyl line of...what are these? Toys? Statuettes? But even the most jaded of doubters must admit that they have a truly staggering line up of licenses. If you've watched a cartoon, movie, or cracked a comic book in the last thirty years, odds are there's a Pop! Vinyl figure of a character you wouldn't mind having.

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