Sunday, May 24, 2015

World Of Nintendo - Link Action Figures

Well, if you had read between the lines when I posted the Samus review some days back, you would have known this was coming. Later that same day, we were walking around a different Target. This one was not as well organized, so I was quickly scanning each aisle as my wife looked for LEGO friends and My Little Ponies. And I found what some kid (or other collector, I suppose) had hidden in the pool toy aisle.


I think this is the longest I have looked for anything in stores to avoid having to pay Amazon scalper mark up. Because, seriously, this cost less than a third of what these are going for on Amazon right now. Before shipping.

For Link himself, he's pretty good. I would have preferred they paint his shirt collar a different color, since it is molded, but left gray like his chainmail, when it should match his sleeve. His sword does fit all the way in the scabbard, which non of the pictures show done correctly, and had me a little concerned. I like that his face is painted to look less effeminate than the Figma version (which looks like he is wearing lipstick). This version is a bit small compared to the other figures in the same line.

His surprise accessory is his shield, which was not much of a surprise at all, really. This is kind of a bummer, because this is the #1 thing that should be check for paint quality. Mine was fin, but I would have been happier confirming that before I bought.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Futurama Pop! Vinyl Robot Devil

I'll admit to being largely nonchalant to the Pop! Vinyl line of...what are these? Toys? Statuettes? But even the most jaded of doubters must admit that they have a truly staggering line up of licenses. If you've watched a cartoon, movie, or cracked a comic book in the last thirty years, odds are there's a Pop! Vinyl figure of a character you wouldn't mind having.

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

World Of Nintendo Samus Action Figure

Hey all, Counterfett here. Back from the misty graves of overwork. Anyway, I have been looking for Link from this line for ages, and had enlisted the help of my beautiful wife. Yesterday, walking around dumb and happy in Target, we came upon the section where they had this line pegged. I looked for Link, but found Samus. I didn't even realize Samus was made for this line.

So of course I couldn't leave without Samus!

In any event. Everyone's favorite power armored blond merc is a pretty decent figure, all things considered. There's not much to worry about in terms of paint applications, and as you can see, she's fairly poseable. Her 'mystery accessory' is what appears to be one of those little bomb balls. It was in fact so underwhelming that I even forgot to photograph it. Also, the paint on it was terrible and covered in wash stains. So buy it Samus with the understanding that her hidden extra feature is a bust, and you won't be disappointed.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Handicapped Miniature Painting

Well, I had pretty much given up on painting miniatures when I got hurt a few years ago. I just don't have the fine motor skills to pull it off for 28mm gaming anymore.  And when I do hold something and try to paint, my left hand shakes. Minutely, but enough to make it hard. But my daughter, who if you remember, never lost to me in Space Hulk, wanted to paint some minis with me. What's a nerdy dad to do?

Sand Person Before
Well, I already sort of talked about it in the past few posts. We had fantasy and sci fi army men. we had paint markers. voila.

Sand Person After
 So, here in this post, I figured I would show a few quick before and after photos of some of the Star Wars Command army men I had laying around. They aren't very good, but I haven't painted in years, and I can't use my left hand that well to boot.

Sandtrooper Before
Still, not bad for a one armed man and a fifth grade girl.

Sandtrooper After
Mostly, since the Star Wars army men come molded in pretty much exactly the colors they need to be, it just goes to show what a little minimal attention can do for picking out details.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Bucket Of Fantasy Warriors

Okay, so here's the big pile of fantasy toy soldiers I referenced in yesterday's post. This is only half, because I think I have another pile of these guys somewhere in my garage. Actually, I think the other batch is the pirates, because I loved the skeletons they came with. That's something of a shortfall of this set, honestly, there's only one obvious 'bad guy' figure, which is that hairy bugbear/hobgoblin with the big axe you see on the right side. I hope the other set is pirates now, honestly. Because really, look at the picture below, that dragon is a bit derpy. Though a good fit for what I want it for, I suppose.

But what this set does do well though, is extras! The little evil bladed gazebo you see in the back right is a bit uninteresting. But just look at those trees! Darn if the set wasn't worth it just for that! I'm not even going to paint them, I am just going to use them as is. The bridge is nice, as are the little piles of rubble. I like the shapes, as they are clearly delineated obstacles, which makes measurement and LOS determination easier.

Also, the candles are pretty cool.

I do like the figures, even if the poses are a bit simplistic and repetitive. Some of them will make good fantasy characters from this tower defense game I play. Some of the others will take some work or convering, but I think I am up for it.

You all might be seeing more of this project in the future. Presuming I don't get burned out again and do nothing for months at a time.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Link, Zelda, Sheik - Legend Of Zelda Amiibo Figures

The Amiibo figures to go with Smash Brothers (and other compatible games) for the Wii U are a lot of fun. Recently, they were on sale at a major toy retailer, so the author decided to pick up several of the 'anime style' figures of a long time favorite franchise, namely The Legend Of Zelda.

Luckily, the three main figures were pretty easy to grab on the day in question, so we walked away with the three targets, a successful mission, all considered.

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Toys For Wargaming: Back In Business...Sort Of

Well, I've been away for a good long time. I'm not even going to apologize about it anymore. It's been a hard few weeks, and I think I'm going to be able to get back on track, but I can't make any promises. One thing I am considering doing, to give myself a little traction, is paint some army men. No, I don't mean with paint miniatures with a brush to as high a standard as I can, I mean paint cheap plastic army men and knights with sharpies and paint pens with my kids.

It's the only thing hobby related I feel up to. Also, it's how I got into this hobby, painting the Hero Quest figures and expansion packs. I have been getting the Star Wars Army Men packs, as well as a few barrels (!) of fantasy warriors from Toys 'R Us. Seems like it might be fun and a good way to relax. Two things I have been critically short of lately.

Anyway, here's to you, longsuffering readers. Thanks for all of your support.