Thursday, November 26, 2009

Death Star Han Solo

So, I was out trying to find a plain old Stormtrooper fig, when I happened across this fellow. This is Han as he appears after the escape from the garbage compacter on the Death Star. The helmet and chest armor are removable, which leaves you with a pretty basic "A New Hope" Han Solo, with the white belt, holster and E-11 blaster rifle. This is Solo as we all remember him fondly, chasing a dozen stormies down the hall screaming. The face bears a terrific likeness. I don't know if this head has been used before (very likely) but it is the most familiar to Harrison Ford circa 1977 that I have even seen rendered. The rest of the figure maintains the same level of quality, with great molding and paint. If there is a problem (as there always seems to be) it is that the thermal detonator (that cylindrical thing) on the back of his belt is a seperate piece, and he came equipped with a reubber band to hold it in place. I am hesitant to remove the band because I do not want to lose the part. Anyway, pretty minor issue, and I am sure there are legions of fans out there for whom this is not a problem. I am probably going to use the helmet and chest armor to turn one of my clones into a stormie, as my imp troops are a little in need of reinforcement, but that is a story for another day...

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