Thursday, November 26, 2009

Luke Skywalker and Lumiya

Another great comic two pack. If you are sensing a theme from the posts I have made so far, you are right. I love the comic two packs. I have always been intrigued with the obscure and odd characters from the Star Wars Expanded universe, and the CTPs are a great way to indulge, and save a few bucks at the same time, as they are typically quite a savings over individual figures.
As to the specifics of this set, we will look first at Luke. This is a great fig, maybe my favorite portrayal of the iconic character. He is wearing his Bespin style field uniform, which is a little the worse for wear as this is how it appears after he gets pounded by Lumiya. On the plus side, this fig has great detail, a very good likeness (as Luke might have appeared a few years after Endor, say) and comes with the correct lightsaber, which has been problematic for Hasbro in the past. He also comes with the Shoto, or short lightsaber he builds specifically to combat Lumiya in this episode, which is a nice touch. As for downsides, well, he is short. I mean, we all know Luke is not on the tall side, but his figures have been getting smaller and smaller. In this iteration, he looks almost ape-like, in that he has short little legs, but normal figure length arms. He is actually the same height as my Ahsoka figure. Pretty small!
And that brings us to Lumiya, Dark Lady of the Sith. I have never read anything with Lumiya actually in it before, so I am somewhat unfamiliar with the character. She seems like a cross between a Vader-style Cyborg, and Sheik from the Legend of Zelda series. She has a lightwhip, which is a first for my collection, and it looks great, but it is actually as heavy as the figure, which makes her tip over a lot. Another accessory is her soft goods cape, which looks great, but is over long. This is, however, true to the appearance in the comic. She also comes with a spare head showing her battle damaged without her hood, and her hair down. I actually prefer that look, but forgot to swith it for photo. Oops. This is a great piece to add to your collection, particularly if you are into the EU, or obscure Sith Lords.

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