Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Star Wars Comic Packstravaganza!

Yuuzhan Vong, Extragalactic meanie. Unlike my friend Mario, I actually DID read the Yuuzhan Vong series of novels. Yes, they were a little 'un-Star Wars' whatever that means, but it was good reading, for the most part. The figure of the Vong that came in the comic pack is Big. Think Hulk big. He is encased in bronze colored vonduun armor, and carries a wicked looking amphi-staff. Extra attention was obviously paid to his muscles, and the veins in his arms are breathtaking. Despite it looking as though his hands are for claw poses only, he will reliably hold his staff with either hand. Also, he stands well, perhaps unsurprisingly, since his feet are the same size as other figs chests. As much as I like this figure, it was an "also in the package" type of acquisition, because...

Kyle Katarn, Ex-Stormie, Mercenary, Commando, Jedi-knight. That's right. Kyle Katarn makes his action figure debut. This is the comic version, and is not quite as I remember him from Dark Forces II, but that's ok, it's been a few years, maybe he updated his look during the vong war. He has very well detailed cargo pants, the trademarked two tone rugby shirt, the bryar pistol, what seems like a correct lightsaber, and the glorious shoulder pad of doom. Oh, and the beard that has a number of fans questioning if this is really a galaxy far, far away's verison of Chuck Norris. The world may never know. Did this fig live up to my very high expectations? Yes.

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