Friday, December 11, 2009

Agent Helix

So, I found an Agent Helix some time back and bought her, which is something I meant to do ever since I saw her announced back during preproduction. WalMart has GiJoes for $5 which was a big incentive too.

I really like the figure, she has nice detail, especially detailed in the pouches in the belt area. Her hair is cool in that it seems to be a separate piece, and overhangs her face a little. Also, she has some two tone highlight thing going on with her do. Her torso has what looks like a cross between semi rigid body armor and a corset, which is cool, I guess. I admire that her outfit is rather less revealing than most 'femme' style characters out there. Though the efficacy of a bright yellow top for an undercover operative is in question.

Helix comes with a number of cool accessories, none of which, unfortunately, she can hold. Maybe mine is just the weird one, but this seems to be occurring to me a lot with the movie line. I gave her the DC-15 just because I refuse to have a fig just standing when posted on my blog.

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