Sunday, December 6, 2009

Armor Month Day 6.5

It turns out, I never posted a review of this guy when I bought him, but since he has already featured in armor month, does not warrant another day, so I guess this is a sort of bonus update. Yay! Free Content! In any case, not only is this a sandtrooper, he comes with the parts to make him a regular stormie, which was why I bought him in the first place. Also, because his armor is white, he makes a close facsimile of the "Shock Trooper" from Star Wars: Battlelfront. I did not have the right pistol to give him (ie SE-14r) that is in the game, and the bazookas I keep in the closet of the room my son sleeps in, so I had to make do with a 'Commander Bly' pistol. In any case, I wanted to do an action pose here, and ended up having to use a spare camera battery to hold him upright, because that is his maximum range of motion. If you think he is holding his pistol a little passively, again, full range of motion. Yeah, the pauldron is sort of getting in the way here. In any case, if you don't like sandtroopers, the clean version you can pull all the crap off of and turn him into a stormie. The dirty version, from a post a few days ago...not so much.

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