Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Aurodium Sword! Sort of!

So, I got tired of waiting for Hasbro to release my favorite bunch of mercenary scum. Grabbed what wookies I had, the 'clone-in-training' fig, and some parts of stormie and clone armor and went to work.
Umm, I guess it's not my best work, but it came out considerably better than the time I tried to cast my own toy soldiers. One thing this does highlight for me, however, is just how much smaller the more recent lines of Star Wars figs are than the last movie line. The wookiees are almost twice as tall as my makeshift 'Muzzle'. Still, wookiees are big, so I guess I'll just overlook it. One thing that should be fixed in a later iteration is that the removable armor pieces are too big to fit right under the ARC pauldron. The problem is that this version works so well with the red pants like Muzzle has, and I am not sure about the compatability if you switch torsos on these guys. The figs I have are definitely not interchangable at that level.
In any case, not a bad first attempt, and it will likely get better as I go.

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