Saturday, December 5, 2009

Icon Change

Ok, so you might have noticed that I change my icon a lot. Well, hopefully this will be settling down a bit as I figure out what looks good in the different sized icon slots here. In any case, the current icon is Aurodium Sword, a fictional Star Wars mercenary company that includes two great obscure Expanded Universe characters: Muzzle and Snoova. Muzzle is a retired ARC Trooper (if you don't know what that is, hit Wookieepedia, for crying out loud!), and Snoova is a one eyed wookiee bounty hunter. Some of you might remember Chewie getting a disguise as Snoova from Shadows of the Empire. Yeah, same guy. In any case, these guys are my kind of Scum.

Now to just see about getting Hasbro to release them in some sort of Fan's Choice...

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