Wednesday, January 13, 2010

'07 Return Frivolity

If you're detecting a pattern of: Tax Return, Buying necessities, then James blowing what's left on cutlery, you're 100% correct. On to 2007!
This is the Cold Steel Sax Machete. Now, a lot of you who know me know about being mostly Scottish. Well, the part of me that isn't mostly is Saxon. The root word for Saxon is Sax, an ancient straight edge large knife or short sword that they were famous for carrying. The modern version from Cold Steel is quite a piece. I bought the 12" version, which is very handy. This is the blade that sleeps under my bed. I am that fond of it.
I also bought the Kukri version from Cold Steel. This is the only version of the three I bought that is still cataloged, so it's the one I use for heavy duty work, as you can tell from all of the nicks, scratches, and massive resharpening I have done to it.I have a lot of faith in this one. Kukris are shaped very well for chopping, as well as shearing cuts.
The third and final entry for tonight is the Cold Steel Kopis. A Kopis is a curvy, short greek sword that performs somewhat similarly to a long Kukri. This version also has a needle shaped point, something that is not present in most original patterns, but is a welcome addition, which expands the utility of this version as a field tool or emergency defensive arm.

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