Sunday, January 10, 2010

Another one bites the dust.

Well, that's it, I guess. Another weekend coming to a close where I made zero progress on any of my projects. The shield poll has been moderately successful, in that there are enough votes for there to be a winner now. The polls are still open, so please take a moment and vote!

Also, I decided that I needed a short sword to go with my new shield. Very 'hoplite-y' going with a round shield. I guess that's the aim. In reality, my arms are just not very strong, nor do I have enough space in my apartment for another longsword. Yeah, another. I have two. Anyway, the piece to go with my shield should be unique. I like Greek swords, like the Xiphos or Lakonian, with the leaf shaped blade. I also like U.S. military swords, from the Civil War era especially. Strangely enough, I found two contenders that fit in both eras.
The first semi-finalist is the U.S. M1832 artillery short sword. I guess someone in the artillery corps at one time thought it would be a great idea to have cannon cockers armed with a sword design dating back to the bronze age. I know the Army is conservative when it comes to armaments, but this is extreme! This has the nice wasp-waisted, leaf shaped blade, brass handle, lobed pommel, small cross hilt that I was looking for. Plus, it comes with a steel scabbard. The scabbard, from the description, is all steel, which I take it to mean looks like a saber scabbard, which if true, is the least desirable feature of this piece.
The second semi-finalist is this, the Confederate States, artillery short sword. The handle is very similar to the first piece, but the blade is shaped more like a gladius (a la Pompeii) than a Xiphos, and is unfullered. This holds true to the CSA being somewhat slipshod in construction details, but does make the piece somwhat less satisfying than the M1832. The scabbard, however, as can be seen in the photo, is wood covered in leather with brass fittings. That aspect is dramatically more to my liking to go with my 'ensemble'.

So that's that. I am keeping the shield poll in place until the timer runs out, or I actually call a winner and paint the stupid thing, but please do leave comments about which looks better, cooler, more manly, whatever. Or just point and laugh. Either way...

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