Thursday, January 14, 2010

Episode VIII: Return of the Taxes

In 2008, Kelli and I actually used our tax return to move down to Ridgecrest so I could be the new store manager there. This was moving back for me, but Kelli had never been there before. It was a terrible idea, and a horrible experience (Because of the crap store, not the town). We ended up pretty much having our investment and a good deal of our personal resources squandered due to my terrible company (at the time).
Since I had no tax return to burn on swords, and was fairly bummed about not making a yearly contribution to the family arsenal, my wonderful Father gave me the Hawken rifle that I had long coveted. It is a .45 percussion made by Thompson/Center Arms, and is a light and handy piece for deer. When it comes to black powder, I usually like a heavier bore size, but .45 is a nice size for a light gun like this, and it is a sweet, straight shooter, so shot placement really makes up for what it is lacking in punch.

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