Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Moro Kampilan.

The Kampilan is a sword that I considered very ugly at first, but has been growing on me for some time. It is basically a long, straight-edged sword, sharpened only along the longer edge. It is narrower at the guard than the tip, which is against the usual pattern for straight blades, and most Kampilan also have a second subsidiary tip off spine, along the unsharpened edge. Typical models have a wooden crossguard that looks to me like a bat-shape, and a split hilt made to look like a crocodile (or naga, or monitor lizard, pick your myth).

I have seen in one instance where according to legend it was the type of blade used to strike the fatal blow to Fedinand Magellan. There is no way of confirming this, of course, but it is an interesting anecdote.

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