Sunday, January 10, 2010

Oops, third maybe!

Oh, another definite possibility is the Spartan Lakonian. See, instead of the longer, heavier Xiphos that was pretty standard among the hoplites of the Greek City-States, the Spartans carried a shorter sword called the Lakonian. It was used in the crush of close quarters phalanx fighting, when spears were broken and the enemy was at shin stomping, bad breath distance.

I know, I 300 the Spartans carried a sort of machete-kukri-kopis half-breed (or is there such a thing as third-breed?). Well, as cool looking as those swords are, only the Athenians seemed to think Spartans carried any form of kopis. This was what the real deal was. It is considerably shorter than the two other finalists, listed below, which is nice for storage. The version I am considering, from, is only $25, which means there is a reasonable chance I can talk my wife into it, which is also good.

And for those of you who liked 300, but are ready to come to grips with reality, try watching The 300 Spartans, with Richard Egan and Sir Ralph Richardson. Historically much more accurate, though there is a (sizable) special effects gap. And it is somewhat propagandized, coming from the height of the cold war.

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