Friday, January 15, 2010

A Saxonly Seax!

I've always wanted a Sax (or Seax, or Scramasax, or whatever). The problem is that there are only a few models out there, and they vary widely in price, quality, and awesomeness. Above all, it needs to be awesome.
The first model I like is potentially the most awesome of the three, the Dark Ages Seax from Windlass Steelcrafts. This is the most in line with a Saxon Sax, with the typical Saxon angular blade, sharpened on the longer straight side. The lobed brass pommel, and brass tacked grip, along with the geometric blade etch, just scream "I am not a man to be trifled with." Something that a man should not have to say for himself...rather his knife should say it for him! Cons to this one are that it does not come! This is only a so-so speedbump because I am pretty good with a file and hone, but really, what is it with unsharpened knives lately? Do manufacturers not know what they are for?
Only slightly less cool is the Viking Sax from Deepeka. As the name implies, this is more representative of a Viking pattern Sax, with the sharpened edge being curved, and a slight clip in the spine. Still a nice design, and about $25 cheaper. Also, it looks to me to be a little easier to sharpen. Downsides are that it's just downright not as awesome looking. Also, it's Viking. Now don't get me wrong, Vikings are plenty cool, but if I get a Sax, it should be SAXon pattern, right?
A third item I am interested in, though not technically a sax, is this "French Fighting Knife" from . This blade shape is supposedly a later descendent of the sax, perhaps not surprising given that the Franks were, in fact, a sax wielding Germanic tribe. This knife is cool shaped, has relatively modern fittings, and would take an edge easiest of the three. It also matches the blade profile of my beloved Kopis Machete (see below). There are two big downsides here, however. It might get confused with a plain 'ole Bowie due to the modern construction. It costs more than the other two, and I refuse to drop that kind of dough and have some knuckle-head not even realize it is something cool.

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