Monday, January 18, 2010

The Seminole Wars!

I went to Borders yesterday, with the intention of buying the Osprey Publishing book about the Spanish-American war and the Phillipine Insurrection because I wanted to read about the Moro Rebellion, only to discover that 85% of the book dealt with the Spanish American War, 10%-ish on the Insurrection, and about a page on the Moro Rebellion. -sigh- Why is it that no one else is interested in the things I want to learn about?
In any case, I picked up my second choice, this book about the Seminole Wars. There were three wars in all, taking place over 40 years, and involving more than 40 thousand American soldiers, sailors and marines. It is one of those subjects in military history I knew next to nothing about, and wanted to do something about it. Very interesting indeed. I wonder if any re-enactors cover this era. Hmmm.

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