Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tax Return 2006

And then 2006 rolled around, and there was still a little scratch left over after the necessaries for me to buy something for myself.

Suffer no guilt, yee who wield this in the name of Crom -blade inscription

Yes, it's the Father's Sword from Conan. Ok, for those of you who never saw Conan: The Barbarian (or don't remember, it was a long time ago), Conan's father was a master blacksmith, who was also some kind of philosopher about the "riddle of steel." He made a beautiful sword which was then stolen by Thulsa Doom when the village was destroyed. After Conan grew up, he sought revenge on Thulsa, and also to regain the sword from Thulsa's henchmen. My brother and I wanted this sword soooooo badly when we were kids.

As an adult, the realm of low cost knockoffs has considerably grown, and I picked this bad boy up for fairly cheap. On the order of $40 shipped. It's not the best quality piece I have ever owned, but it fills a niche, and it's a good beater. For instance, when my wife wanted me to chop up a set of pumpkins at the Ridgecrest house, what sword did I find in my hand? That's right. The father's sword.
Closeup of hilt.

Now, this sword was probably only built as a showpiece, and the amount of chopping I have done with it is likely not conducive to its longevity. The skull crossguard, pommel, and grip pieces are all loose now, and the outer layer of leather wrap has worn off of the grip. In order to keep this one safe, I will likely fill the loose places with some sort of expanding filler, and I plan to rewrap the grip with tennis racket grip tape or some such.

Another project I had in mind for this was a scabbard. It did not come with one, nor have I purchased one. I was thinking of making one for it out of three layers cut from basswood or maybe very light plywood, then epoxied together. Or maybe I will buy one of the ridiculously cheap sheaths that BudK has in its clearance issue that just came out. Still weighing options on this one.

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