Monday, January 11, 2010

Time To Kill...

Well, no progress to report on the shield project front. But being as it is the beginning of the official 'W-2 Watch' I thought that maybe I would introduce my gentle reading audience to the ghosts of tax returns past.Well, I guess this is the place to start. Tax return 2005. I had a tax return in 2004, which was spent on the immensely practical chainmail, spear, and Greek helmet, but those got sold in the great unemployment fiscal crush of '08. This was the first married tax return after my wife had come home from college, and after a year of scrimping and saving and cutting corners, she let me blow a little wad of cash for myself. So what did I get. Yes, a sword. I'd never had a decent longsword, and boy did I remedy that situation.

This was after the Lord of the Rings merchandise was losing popularity online, and could be had for a song on sites like BudK or SMKW. I settled on Anduril, which was the best mix of cheapness and coolness that I could find. Seeing as how the scabbard was sold separately, and cost as much as the sword, I settled for a generic two-sizes fits all scabbard from United.

It's a good buy, though in retrospect I should have got something shorter. I simply do not have the arm strength to really use something like this. Also, something cheaper and more functional might have been a good choice. On whole though, I really love this sword, and have almost fond memories of sleeping on the living room floor with it during Kelli's first pregnancy when we lived in that really bad neighborhood...

Ah memories.

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