Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Where have all the Krisses gone?

Or is the plural just Kris?

Anyway, a fairly recent interest is in the weapons of the Filipino Moros. Barongs are cool, and fit my machete mentality fairly well. Punals are nice, I guess, if you are into daggers. But there has always been something soul-stirring to me about the Moro Kris. I've always liked Flamberge style blades, in european weapons, but they always seemed fairly impractical. Well, the Moros used Kris swords effectively against musket, and then rifle armed Spanish, then quasi-effectively against rifle and machine gun armed Americans. A fairly practical arm, in that light. Yes, the blade is wavy, but not ridiculously so, like in some two handed swords from (not to pick on anyone in particular) Germany. Plus, only half of the length is waved, making for a realistic sized scabbard.

Now, the problem lay in simply finding the right one. Seems like I saw these things all over the place when I was not looking, and now, they hardly turn up anymore. In any case, the last batch I can find that have the handle and blade setup I like is the old CAS Iberia swords, which can be had fairly cheap.This photo shows the two styles I have been able to dig up online. I like the top one better. I like the grip better, and the blade looks a little stouter, a good thing in a working blade, by my way of thinking. Now, to just scrape up the fundage to get one...

Where is that tax return already??

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