Saturday, February 13, 2010

Breaking News! Cold Steel 2010 New Releases!

My favorite supplier of mayhem inducing weaponry has just published on its website the new releases for the year. Some of these will be hits, some will be duds, but only the future will decide. Typically, about one in three new releases from Cold Steel stay in the lineup on something resembling a permanent basis, and I have an historically very low track record of guessing which they will be.
I think the two handed katana machete is likely a lock...people love katanas.
Though I personally am quite fond of the two handed panga

There are also a few quite nice additions to the tomahawk lineup, of which I think the pipe hawk is the most interesting. I like the look of the pipe hawk, but have never owned one, because they are usually quite fragile. Well Cold Steel has thoughtfully solved this problem by making the pipe bowl into a hammer poll, and making their version only look like a pipe hawk. Thoughtful of them, eh?

They also have several new sword, and sword/dagger combos, as well as making dagger compliments to some of the older sword models in their line, such as one to match the hand-and-a-half sword. These are quite out of my price range, so I try not to be too interested.

I was a bit disappointed to see no new spear options, but to be honest, they already have the four classes of spears (heavy, light, short, and throwing) well represented by the Boar spear, long Assegai, short Assegai, and Samburu spear (respectively).

Anyway, don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself at the Cold Steel Site. Just remember that their own site has inflated prices, so when these are available at places like Budk or SMKW, the 'street price' will likely be lower.

Happy hunting!

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