Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Call Of The Mild!

The show Psych on USA is great. Very enjoyable, hilarious, well put together, and chock full of the same sort of random trivia that you hear when you hang around me. It's tremendous!

The Call of the Mild is the third book in the series of books dedicated to the fake-psychic duo, and follows their adventures in nature along on an wilderness retreat with a group of lawyers, one of whom is a murderer. My wife bought this for me, and I read it in one day (Sunday, after finishing The Burning Land, in point of fact).

Things I liked:
  • William Rabkin knows the characters, and has them respond in situations in a manner very like the characters in the show, right down to the aforementioned pop-culture tirades.
  • Very funny 'dream' segments detailing Gus' worst fears.
  • Clever final resolution based on random minutia, in classic Psych style.
Things I did not like:
  • Some 'cutscenes' back to Henry were quite unrelated to the development of the story.
  • Not as funny as the previous two books.
Overall rating is tough. If you like Psych and you have read the previous books, you want to get this one. It's good enough to be worth reading if you are already in the groove. If you are not a big fan of the show, or have not read the other books, I don't recommend this as a starting point.

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