Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dance with the one what brought ya.

All this thinking about Zombies and weapons and hunting and fighting tools and whatnot has given me pause. I like to imagine the 'ideal' setup, and spend a good amount of time, effort, and money trying to collect the 'best', and 'most efficient' things. Never mind that if I really were in a situation, all I really need to pick up are some expendables; food, water, ammo, etc.

Since our current financial situation precludes me from doing much investment right now towards that 'ideal', I figured I would have a little look around at what I have on hand, and see what kind of things I would probably reach for if the merde hit le ventilateur.

Since I don't have a bowie, what would I pick for a belt knife? I went through my fixed blades, and there are some good choices, but I am a bit retro, and looked past several mil-spec 'fighter' type knives at this...
I forget what the name of this model was, but it is very much like the current Schrade's Deerslayer model. I think this is a little larger than the current offering, and this was made by the original, pre-bankruptcy Schrade. That does not mean much, just that it was made longer ago, and in the U.S.A. I'm usually not too snobby about things like that, but if I have to bet my life on something, I prefer it be made by a red-blooded, entitled, union-dues-paying American. Im just saying...

In any case, this 'Old Timer' (A division of Schrade Cutlery) has covered a lot of terrain with my Father and me. I'm not sure if my dad actually ever used it to field dress one of his deer, but I have certainly used it for coyotes. It's a little big at the task, but the size helps in other areas. It's not a 'fighting' knife, but I never got the distinction there anyway. The only lacking area in that regard is a cross hilt, but I never anticipated much parrying being done with my hunting knife anyhow. I do like that the thumb ridge on the choil makes a saber grip the most natural thing in the world, as that is my preferred grip for serious business. It feels lively in the hand, and despite being a large-ish knife, does move quickly.

The scabbard is folded over, hard, full grain leather. It fits a little loosely, but the snap is secure enough to keep the blade from moving around much. If the retaining snap ever comes off or gets cut, I will have to replace the whole scabbard, but I can live with that.

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