Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day By Day Armageddon!

My friend Bobby read this book and loaned it to me, because he thought it was really good. I had seen it in the book store a few times, but it seemed like a 'niche market' publication, which I'm not usually in to. I was halfway through Halo Evolutions when I got it home, so I ended up reading it this morning. Perhaps because I was going into this with very low expectations, I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of J.L. Bourne's (presumably) debut work. In this tale we follow an unnamed navy aviator's quest for survival after much of the United States' population is consumed by a zombie plague.

Things I liked:
  • Powerful, frightening story filled with realistic characters making hard choices the best they can. The protagonist of the story is a Navy pilot, presumably S.E.R.E. trained (or whatever the modern Navy equivalent is called) and has a leg up on his neighbors when it comes to making sound choices in the face of social collapse.
  • Good advice. Bourne knows a lot of the right solutions for the tactical and survival dilemnas his characters face. From filling your tub and using it as drinking water while the pressure lasts, to using a shotgun correctly in a metal hallway, Bourne's expertise in everyday adventures really shines through.
  • Innovation. Much of the familiar zombie trueisms we know and love are present, but Bourne puts some new twists in the mix. I don't want to 'spill the proverbial beans' on some of the new stuff, but suffice to say that you will be wondering why you never thought of this before.
Things I did not Like:
  • Journal Style. This book is written in installment style, in the form of the survivors diary. This usually annoys the hell out of me, though in this case it's not actually a problem. I mention it as a problem only because I know there are people for whom this is an issue. I think if you are on the fence or slightly dislike the style, you should try this one, as I think it'll win you over.
  • Short. This book is painfully brief. At only 198 pages, even in softcover form, this book will not take you long to finish. It actually took me less than six hours. Cover price here is $15 US. It's a great read, but on the other hand, I am quite glad I borrowed this from a friend rather than pay cover price. On the other other hand, I feel like I should pick this one up for my collection and help support the author and encourage subsequent, lengthier volumes.
This is a terrific story, and just the right mix of a lot of story elements that work together to create a story so real, so believable that you feel like the events detailed are not only possible, but probable, or even happening right now! I cannot wait to see how J. L. Bourne develops as an author.

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bobby said...

it would be a better book if it had more gayness to it. commmmeeee onnnnnn gay ads