Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How Transparent am I...Really?

So, a few weeks ago I did a countdown of past tax returns. Lately I have been running through history, and websites for purveyors of fine cutlery. You might have an impression I am shopping for this year's tax return acquisition. Could anything be further from the truth?

No, really, can you think of anything? I dunno. I have so many interests, and so many things I have wanted for so long but never bought, and so little disposable income, it makes choosing really, really, hard.

Latest maybe is this...
It's a modern take on a Kindjal, I suspect from the same forge that put out those primitive hand-forged Naginatas you see around from time to time. This one can be had for pretty cheap right now from BudK, my preferred supplier of pointed and edged thingies.

Decisions, decisions.

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