Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Mother of All Machetes

But maybe I'm biased. Well, not maybe, I am definitely biased. I love machetes, and one machete in particular, but before I get into that, a little back story is in order....

MID-1980s, Santa Maria, So. California.
We were supposed to do yard work as chores. That's not so unusual, a family with as many boys as ours, it is expected the yardwork should be outsourced from Dad down to us. Well, the problem is that most families did not have my Dad. He bought lawn equipment at goodwill, apparently just for parts, since at one point we had 12 weed-whackers, none of which worked. But we did have a pair of WWII era Collins machetes that my brother and I found quietly corroding away in a corner of the garage. So we used those. We split wood, trimmed trees, thinned long grass and iceplant. Pretty much every yard task except for the actual lawn-mowing was done by hand, with a machete. We never hand a single injury, mishap, or complaint. We even used the machetes to prune bushes in the front yard, in plain view of the neighbors. Not one person ever said 'boo!' about a pair of pre-teen boys working with machetes in a Southern California suburb. Ah, truly, the '80s were a golden age
Ontario Military Machete

Well, the Collins Machete Company is long gone, and I am sure that militaria collectors are rolling in their graves at the thought of me and my brother using WWII Collinses to thin the yard shrubbery. The military still needs a good blade for trailbusting, however, and that is where Ontario Knife Company comes in. This is, in essence, the same machete, made to the same specs as my father's Collins, but with the addition of an anti-corrosion coating on the blade.

It's available at BudK for $20. Very reasonable, all in all. follow this link to have a look, or even just to read my review...I gave it 5 stars, perhaps not surprising.

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