Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Or, not as light a saber.

Well, my earlier rambling post did get me thinking about a straight bladed saber that is in the same weight class as the benchmark 1860. I happened upon the earlier Dragoon Saber, which saw use as early as the Seminole Wars. It has a straight blade, and the windlass replica weighs 1/10th of an ounce more than the 1860. I think even I can handle that amount of extra weight.

Same Beautiful 3-Bar French Hilt

Plus, it has the addition of a slight swell near the tip, which includes a false edge. This would not only aid in a forward slash by putting a little more 'meat' behind the stroke, but it would allow a very effective backward drawing cut. That seems unimportant, to the uninitiated, but is in fact a very important feature to me. One of my most successful attacks with the saber is a feint thrust, followed by a backhand strike to the opponents sword hand. The position of the blade during a thrust makes sharpening on the first third of the spine of the saber an essential feature, or else I am deprived of one of my best offensive tools.

Everything in life is a dilemna. So what is the problem here? It costs more. I like it more than the 1860, yes. But do I like it $50 more? That remains to be seen.

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