Monday, February 8, 2010

A Saber. A Light Saber.

Yeah, so I took fencing in college. I actually got pretty good with a saber. What can I say? It's more fun than foil, and you play to five points, which is four more than epee. Getting a hit to the toe with epee and having the match be over is mighty frustrating. And painful. Very painful.

Oh, like I said, Saber. In addition to being great fun, it's also the only one of the three I could regularly beat my friend Mario with. That's noteworthy as he is consistently a better swordsman than me (and sumo-wrestler, but that's another story).

So despite all the affection I have for sabers, and how good I am with one in a fight, it might come as a surprise to those who know me and read my work that I have never owned one.
Maybe something like this? This is the 1860 Light Cavalry Saber (U.S. version) from Windlass. I have always loved the French Three-Bar brass hilt on these. This has the curved blade, as opposed to the straight I have always preferred, though it is lighter than the straight bladed 1840. As you might recall, I have little bitty arms and hands, so the weight savings is worth putting up with the curve.

Also, like all Windlass swords, it'll pass the British Proofs. That basically just means you can smack the hilt from any angle without loosening, bend the blade a certain number of degrees with it returning to true, etc... in any case, tough enough for my use, which can be described as light duty, at most.


bobby said...

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Mario! said...

haha The sumo wrestling! I almost forgot about that.

CounterFett said...

I still say I won at Sumo. Did bonk my head pretty hard though. Seems like having the Sumo mat right by that pole was not a good idea.