Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Staying in the game. Keeping it real.

Has anyone ever established an age after which you should not sleep on the ground? When am I going to be too old to sleep in a sleeping bag with a hatchet under my pillow? Last night, my poor little girl Sammi had an Headache/Ear Infection that was keeping her awake. She would wake up and start crying quietly every half hour or so, and trooper that she is, she would not even leave her bed. I didn't want to wake Gavin up (who shares a room with his sis), and I wanted to be able to comfort her when she did wake periodically, so we had a 'slumber party' in the living room. Guess who got the couch...right, not me.

I do my level best not to sleep anywhere without a blade nearby, but I try to be discreet about it, hence the hatchet, as opposed to one of my preferred machetes. Those do not fit under my pillow.

Hmm, maybe I could get one of those body length pillows that you saw eveywhere a few years ago, hollow it out, and keep a longsword in it?

Food for thought.


bobby said...

you could keep a longsword in your sweats, now lets see what kind of ads you get with this comment.

CounterFett said...

It's great that you put such random crap in my comments, that way I can pretend to other people that you're some random poster I don't know.