Thursday, February 25, 2010

Step One on the road to Spear-berg!

The first step in every major project I don't ever finish is gathering up the essential ingredients.

Today I got a bamboo pole. This was not actually the original plan, originally I had intended to get a shovel handle or broom pole, but the bamboo shafts were just a buck. Historically, bamboo poles were used to make spears and lances because they were light, strong, and easy to weaponize with just a diagonal cut to make a point. If a shaft did break, a replacement was only as far away as the nearest bamboo thicket.

This is pretty much along the same lines as ancient Germans sharpening and fire hardening wood poles to use as makeshift spears, in order to arm large segments of the population without using up their small hoards of metal.

This experiment with bamboo may yield a useful hunting spear...a cheap, serviceable, and easily replaceable lance with which to pursue elusive and wily coyotes.

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