Saturday, March 20, 2010

I hope you're not Lactose Intolerant...Legen-Dairy

After having finished Halo 3: ODST on Legendary, Master Chief and I need a break

It was a really great game, if a little on the short side. I have heard it criticized somewhat by other franchise loyalists for a few reasons, primarily that the main character is asleep through the bulk of the game's action sequence, cutscenes, no Master Chief, no Spartans, yada, yada, yada...

To answer these points I offer the following defenses.
  1. Even though the Rookie is indeed unconscious for the first six hours of the game, it is fun to get to play detective following the clues and getting closer and closer to the converging time lines of his squad mates. Furthermore, when you find a clue, you get to play that segment of the day through the eyes of that squad member. Far from boring. Desperate gun battles with Buck, a warthog chase with Dutch, a tank battle with Mickey, and a furious rooftop/aerial/turret battle with Romeo. The stuff of legend. And not to leave out the Rookie. He has quite a few scraps along the way himself. My most hair-raising video game experience is now fighting a pair of hunters where I killed the last enemy with literally the last bullet in my magazine, and had to run into the next save point empty because I was being harassed by snipers.
  2. The cutscenes were terrific, with Adam Baldwin and Nathan Finnion from Serenity fame, and the lady from Battlestar Galactica as voice talent. Plus Buck kills a Brute with a knife. Honestly!
  3. No Master Chief. He can't be everywhere people. The change of pace was fun. These are not pedestrians or accountants we're talking about anyway. ODSTs are bad mama jamas. We're talking about SEALs and Force Recon with SciFi gear. They can spatter some aliens too.
  4. No Spartans, see point #3
This game has broken some records, so I think whatever the haters say, there are folks like me who are willing to give it a chance. It was a wild ride.

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