Sunday, March 14, 2010

Captain Dare

Well, folks, after months of waiting and weeks of searching, I finally purchased an ONI Operative Veronica Dare. She is one of the main characters from Halo 3: ODST, and the most important part of Wave 7! We were in Livermore, looking at Walmart and Target, and I came across her behind a Flight Armor Elite on a peg. Yay.

She has better articulation than Forge, and is more poseable. She comes with a suppressed M6 pistol, and suppressed M7 caseless sub-machine gun. The M7 is the only one of the pair that seems to actually fit in her hand. Sadly, she does not have a holster for the M6 like Sgt. Forge does. Her paint is not up to Forge's standard either, but it quite good in its own right. There are no errors I can find, or sloppy application, and the urban camouflage application on the lower armor plates is really very good.

One criticism I do have, seems fairly picky, but I wanted a removable helmet. Since Dare spends much of the game without her helmet, it seems like you should be able to take it off. I think they made it so it was not because so many people complained about how big it was compared to the rest of her, so they shrank the overall size of it, which would have precluded it being removable. If anything, I think it looks a little on the small side to have a full sized person's head underneath, particularly if placed next to a Spartan with a full sized helmet (the recon helmet Dare wears is one of the permutations of Mjolnir armor from Halo 3).

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