Friday, March 19, 2010

Defoliant Projector

As promised, here is the Two-Pack version of the Master Chief, as well as the long awaited M7057/Defoliant Projector. For those of you who don't speak l337, 7057 stands for 'toast,' yeah I know, that's not how you spell toast, even with numbers instead of letters. l337157s are not the smartest people. The flamethrower is a fine piece of weaponry, and a very satisfactory toy accessory to go with a Spartan.

Although Red Leader was my main interest in this set, I did also want a second Master Chief, since using my first one in the daily journal was starting to wear poor John-117 out at the joints. This version has a slightly different paint job, being a lighter, more reflective green. Also, the caps on his toes are grey rather than black, and I will admit I do not know which version is correct. The dents on his chest are painted differently as well. There are some sloppy applications on the detail of his shoulders, but nothing that breaks my heart. I just wish I had looked a little closer when picking which one I wanted. Oh well. This is just the second string MC anyway.

And now, all my Spartans are well equipped to burn some Flood!

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