Tuesday, March 2, 2010

...Don't Fix It!

You know that old saying, right? If it aint broke...

Well, my two friends Johnathan and Michael were discussing the picture on the cover of the Wall Street Journal this morning at work. They could not decide what kind of gun the Chilean soldier walking the streets of Concepcion was carrying. I walked up, looked at the picture, and stopped in my tracks.
It was an MG42!

So I looked around, and there seems to be some people online who say it is an MG42, and some say it's an MG3. I don't know the distinction there, but it looks like an MG42 to me. I know the Chileans had MG42s from the Germans. The MG42 was the premiere Nazi medium machine gun, and was used by all branches of their armed services. This is the gun that we based the M60 off of, and you can see the family resemblance there. Funny that the service life of the original outlasted the copies.

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