Monday, March 22, 2010

Flight Armor Elite

Well, you know I have Spartans, and you know I have Brutes, but the real jewel of the line is the Sanghielli! This is my second version. My first was the Toys 'R Us Exclusive with the Brown Combat armor. This is the Yellow Flight armor, which is part of the current wave.

I am trying to collect the different Elite armor permutations from Halo 3, which is the main part of why I picked this one up. It is pretty non-descript as their armor goes, the main noticeable difference for me being that it has an enclosed helmet, whereas all of the others have the 'predator' style jaws exposed. This makes sense, as this is supposed to be what pilot's wear, and they would need some sort of protection from the elements.

He also comes with a Beam Rifle, another one of those accessories I have been waiting for, and I am most unhappy that the handle is far too small for his hands. To be fair, it was designed with the Jackal Sniper figure in mind, and it probably fits him.

All in, it is a good fig, more important for completists than someone who just wants some Elites to go up against Master Chief. I am 2/5 done with my Sanghielli collection.

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