Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Halo Mega Block Awesomeness!

I stayed home sick from work today, and to give me something to do at home, my wife bought me Mega Blocks! I like Mega Blocks, they work just like LEGOs, but are way cheaper. Plus, they have my favorite toy license...Halo!This is the UNSC Wolverine Missile Tank from Halo Wars. It's a pretty sweet vehicle, and we picked it up for only $25. The equivalent LEGO set would likely have been $39.99. It has an articulated missile turret, and swiveling machine gun mounts. The missile turret has eight launch tubes, which can each be fired individually. A neat feature is the working tank treads on the back half of the vehicle. Mega Blocks has been doing a lot right on these sets, and this is one area where their one piece plastic tread have the pain-in-the-butt link system from LEGO beat cold.

The guy you see to the right of the Wolverine is one of the figs that comes with the set, a UNSC Marine. It also came with something even cooler, which was the primary reason I wanted this set in particular...A minifig Hunter! Mini is a relative term, as this armored behemoth towers over other Halo Minifigs, and even over LEGO stormtroopers (as you will be seeing in the near future, hint, hint). I mean honestly, how adorable is this guy? It's weird to call a fearsome armor wearing colony of hive minded worms adorable, but there you have it! Hopefully, they end up putting these guys into sets other than just the Wolverine, as I want another (Hunters fight in pairs), but don't necessarily want another missile tank.

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