Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hey, a Monger of Iron!

I saw this the very first day that I found the new line of Iron Man Movie toys at Wal-Mart, and decided I wanted it, but ended up getting something else instead. Unfortunately, I then did not see it again for about a week. When I did come back across it, I snapped it up.

As far as the figure itself goes, it is really quite terrific. Sturdy, heavy, and quite large. While my friend Mario thinks it is too small for this scale, I think it is about right for recent (smallish) Star Wars scale, though I agree it's too small for the 'same' scale of, say, the 25th Anniversary GI JOEs. It is about 150% larger than the mk I Iron Man I posted a few days ago, and is similarly articulated. I seem to be having trouble posing the hip joints, however, as I can get the ball joints there to pivot, but not bend. It looks like they are supposed to, but are stuck. Not wanting to tempt fate, I have not tried to remedy the issue.

This is the other figure I wanted from the first movie, and I am glad I finally have something representative.

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