Sunday, March 7, 2010

I suppose it was better than Anvil

Ok, so I finally broke my New Year's Resolution. This one lasted longer than most. This is Sgt. John Forge from Halo Wars. I was super excited to find the new wave of Halo figs at Targets, the dude looked cool, what was I supposed to do?

This is a figure that I could call over-articulated, if there is such a thing. Weird articulation alarms go off when you look at the bi-directional hands, and the strange pin-swivel hips. On the other hand, he has grenades you can attach to his belt, articulated armor pieces, an M6 pistol that fits into a holster with working thumb break, and an M90 shotgun. Forge also comes with the best paint apps I have ever seen on a toy of any price range. This guy is gonna clean some house on some Sangheilli.

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