Monday, March 29, 2010

Masters of the Universe Knockoffs! Part I

I picked up this figure, along with two others in a dollar tree store in the Tracy mall, back when the store across from the Big 5 I was working in was there. This was a set of six figures, three barbarian, and three sci-fi. The sci-fi stuff was power rangers tripe, and since I was not even into Power Rangers the originals, the knockoffs were even less of an attraction.

But I snagged the three MOTUK (k is for knockoffs by the way) they had on the pegs, and made off with them for the princely ransom of $3. Then I put them in my toy box before we moved, and promptly forgot I even had them. Now that we are more or less settled back up here in Nor-Cal, I was going through my toys, and came across my three MOTUKs. I figured I would show 'em to you all now due to the resurgent interest in that great toyline of the early '80's.

This is the He-Man analogue. Unlike most other ripoffs, this one apparently is all new sculpts, and remarkably, has good detail and decent paint application. He is both more armored and clothed than the original, with a 'Warduke-esque' one-sided armor theme. The chainmail and armor plates are on one side. Maybe he would have a shield on the other? He also has molded on and detail painted gear, like a pouch and horn on his thighs. All in all, pretty well geared up to fight evil.

More to come...

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