Monday, March 29, 2010

Masters of the Universe Knockoffs! Part II

Yes, it's that time again dear readers! I picked up this guy at the same time as the He-Man analogue. This guy does not have a direct counterpart in the MOTU continuity (as far as my limited knowledge can detect anyway) and the closest I can figure is that he takes the place of Beastman or Stinkor. Despite now being my least favorite of the trio, he was the original reason I bought the three of these, since I wanted an orc for my Star Wars guys to beat up on.

For all that, he is a decent fig, especially when you figure in that he was only $1. Ok detail on all the sculpting, and reasonable paint apps. As with (not)He-Man, if you look close, you can see details that are molded but not painted, like straps and additional pads. Whatever.

Unlike the lean musculature of the other figure, this guy has a beefy yet cut physique that seems to say "I might not be good at the 10k, but I can throw a motorcycle." Plus, you have to love the charming fanged underbite that makes him a bad guy, but not such a bad guy, if you get what I mean. Like, at the right kind of party, this orc might be a cool guy to drink with. One thing I think is funny is that strapped to his gladiator armor, he seems to have a grenade launcher bandolier full of 40mm shells. This guy is a double threat. He can beat you with a club, or shred you with an M79. Oh, and throwing motorcycles, of course.

More to come...

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