Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Masters of the Universe Knockoffs! Part III - The Finale!

Behold the majesty of ripoff Skeletor! Now, the orc guy could be from any old franchise, and (not)He-Man could be any random half nude barbarian, or even the Beastmaster. I challenge you, however, to call this figure anything other than purple-bodied, green skull-faced, balteus wearing Skeletor! I mean, this dude even has three toes on his right foot.

This figure is actually quite well done for the scale and price, and even though he only has 5 points of articulation, his posing is such that you hardly notice. At the time I only got this guy to be a completist, and because he came with a cool axe or something, and now I think he is my favorite of the three figures.

In some ways, I like this reinterpretation better than the real Skeletor, as he is more undead-like, befitting a super magical lich that he is, rather than a hulking super-buff wizard. We all know how buff wizards are supposed to be.

And that's it folks! All three of my glorious MOTUKs have now been exhibited, and I bet you all feel the more fulfilled for having been here for it.

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