Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tartarus, Chieftain of the Jiralhanae!

Tartarus hails from Halo 2, which I have barely played. His figure here is very large and heavy, and despite having joints that are not what you would call loose, his legs can barely support his own bulk. This is the reason he is leaning on the Fist of Rukt, his gravity hammer, in the pics I will post. He has 28 points of articulation, 2 less than the Spartan IIs I posted previously. It took me some time to find what they were, as he seems articulated properly. I figured out that it was the absence of bending feet on Tartarus, a feature I honestly found quite annoying on the Spartans.

His paint applications are simple, but sufficient, and his few accessories are tastefully detailed. I wish he came with the Sanghielli skull to attach to his left shoulder, but I suppose I cannot get everything I want in life. I love the bandolier, though it makes me think that the reason they changed the appearance of the brutes between 2 & 3 was that they were 'wookiee-esque' in Halo 2.

Did I mention he was massive? He is big and heavy, with just his hammer weighing more than a single Star Wars figure. With this in mind, I made a little crossover vignette with everyone's favorite mohawked Great Journey fanatic having an unlikely confrontation...

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