Saturday, April 3, 2010

Gaming Report, Trying out rules for kids and dice dummies.

So, I have a goodly supply of toy soldier size painted figures from LotR, Star Wars, Halo, WWII, Ancient Greece, Narnia, etc., and I have been looking for a fast, simple, and fun way of playing with them to have little battles without having to learn some big complicated game system. Then I ran across kenchan13's blog, where he posted that he had simplified rules he used for Warhammer 4ok with his son. After he let me know what they were (indeed, simple enough for a 5 year old) I decided to give them a try with my daughter. I am proud to say that she cleaned the floor with me. I actually ran the game until the last two turns where my 'curse of the clutch situation' dice rolling did me in.

As soon as my internet starts workinga little more reliably, I am going to post the pictures I took and let you know a little of the pro's and con's of this super simple gaming.

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