Monday, April 12, 2010


Well, continuing on my three hour tour of free downloads from the Games Workshop Site, I came across the beauty, wonder, and splendor of GorkaMorka. Do you like Orks? Do you like cars? Do you like Guns? Do you like Orks driving around in cars with guns? GorkaMorka is the free download for you!While not as detailed as my (newly) beloved Inquisitor, GorkaMorka is a much more simple (remember, I am a war game retard) and fast flowing game that revolves around running your own group of scavenging Orks on the planet of Angelis, after the Space Hulk the Orks were aboard crashes into the world. Said Orks then proceed to scavenge rubble from their hulk in order to make a giant altar to GorkaMorka (they can't decided which god it is, Gork or Mork). The rules themselves are very like Warhammer 40k and Necromunda, both of which are more than passing familiar to me, though I don't post about either very often. There is a greatly increased focus on Orkish vehicles, with a good deal of the first book, "Da Roolz" dedicated to operating in and fighting from Trukks, Buggies, Bikes, and Trakks. Wow, my spellchecker is going to have a seizure after this paragraph.

This game is great news. It's simple, it's fun, and it honestly seems to be a more lighthearted approach to the Warhammer universe. Warhammer 40k is cool and all, but it is a fairly grim setting. That's not bad, but Orks do get a lot of marks in this game for Comic relief. I am going to be trying this out a bit in the next few weeks, along with Inquisitor, so we will see how it works out. Inquisitor is great from what I have done with it so far, but it is a little complex for the simpleness of Jamesbrain (as my coworkers call it), so these rules might be just the ticket.

I do wish I had picked it up back in the day, though. Look at all the great accessories it came with!


kenchan13 said...

Game Workshop has always had the best toys! I never saw this before. I was thinking of getting an Ork army soon. I picture them highly Tattooed and always giggling as they work and fight.

CounterFett said...

Yeah, I had to email this to myself because I was trying to find out what it was, but it kept crashing when I tried to download it at home. It was totally worth it!

I am no expert on Warhammer 40k, but from what I can tell, this is a simplified version, that mostly deals with Orks (which to be honest are my fav part of 40k anyway) and vehicles take a very central role as well. It revolves more around individual figures than 40k, which is nice; you need less guys. I have a low startup budget for this.

kenchan13 said...

G.W. made a "vehicles" road warrior type game called Dark Future
that was vehicle driven (pardon the pun)
I would get it on the cheap but i'm pretty happy with Thunder Road.

Flamekebab said...

Gorkamorka is a spin-off of second edition 40K, much like Necromunda. I'm not well-acquainted with the modern, 5th edition 40K rules, but there's not many similarities any more.

Don't worry about picking it up back in the day - I did and was saddened by GW's lack of support for it. They essentially sunk it within a year or so of its release.

Since then they've mostly ignored it. Now is actually a great time to get back into it though, as modern 40K orks and their vehicles are far better than the tiny ones from back then.

CounterFett said...

Yeah, that's about my feeling on the subject, I picked up a squad of Boyz and a herd of Gretchin at my local GW a couple days ago, and will likely make a go of it here shortly. For vehicles, I was planning on kitbashing some army men jeeps and halftracks, that sort of thing. If I get really inspired I might invest in some war bikes, but I doubt I'll take it that far.