Sunday, April 25, 2010

Halo Interactive Startegy Game.

I am an avowed Halo fan, and a long time member of the Wargame Kult, so most of you probably could guess I have had my eye on this for a good long time. It was however, out of the price range I considered comfortable for something that I would likely cannibalize for other wargames and not play on its own merits. So when my wife pointed it out to me on a recent visit to Toys R' Us, it was one of those "Thanks for finding this for me honey, but I already knew about it and have passed on it" moments. Until, that is, I saw the clearance tag. $10.98!The front of the box. I had always thought it was a cool looking game. That's something Halo has in spades. Love it or hate it, there is a lot of style.The back of the box, though, is a little more informative. Oh, it comes with Minis? Nice. Not knowing what scale they would be in, or their quality, I did not bank too much hope on them being quality pieces I would put alongside my Chaos Daemons, if you know what I mean. The board, on the other hand, has a lot of promise, as it is possible for multiple layouts, and is what I call 'generic sci-fi installation' type terrain. Something I can use in my games from Inquisitor to Necromunda to GorkaMorka (well maybe not GorkaMorka). Heck, I might even use it for this Halo game, if it looks cool!It comes with the DVD, which I imagine is cutscenes from the various games, which is what makes this strategy game "interactive," I suppose.Dice and Minis. Turns out the minis are a medium density rubber, relatively good detail. The Covenant pieces seem to be about in line with 28mm Games Workshop pieces, which is an unexpected bonus. The humans, though, even the Spartans, are much smaller. Oh well, nothing is perfect. There are also a large number of dice that have three UNSC eagles and Three Covenant Energy Swords. The purpose of these dice is unknown to me, at this time, but seems like they might make a good melee die for Kenchan's mini rules that I like.Behold, the real reason I bought this game. The Board! I don't have much discretionary income to devote to my hobbies, and as such, what little I have for wargames gets spent on minis, not terrain pieces. This multi-configurable board is a real godsend!The squares are big enough to qualify for either 28 or 54mm figures (the difference between Warhammer 40k and Inquisitor, respectively), and includes floor segments split levels, the optional bridge, two towers, and two fences. Awesome! This set was so worth it.

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