Monday, April 19, 2010

Khorne Bloodletters WIP!

Well, I bought some Khorne Bloodletters on Sunday, and I figured I would put a little time in on assembling them today. Step 1, opening the package. No trouble there. Cool box, too. Bloodletters are some pretty bad looking hombres.Uh oh, I don't remember these minis coming in this many pieces...
Trimming took a goodly amount of time, and I only cut out the pieces for one guy! For some reason, I decided to do the hardest model first, the Herald with Icon. Not that different from a regular guy, except he holds the standard instead of having an empty left hand. Whatever. I went out on the porch with my plastic cement and started assembly. I learned one very important fact: Assembly line is the way to go. For the remaining 9 demons, I will be doing one phase of the assembly per day, since the cement dries slowly enough to make piece by piece assembly of each character a pain. It was worth it to do one all the way, though, so I know how each part is supposed to interact, so I can put the other elements together with the right spacing.The Khorne Bloodletter with Standard. Or Icon. Or whatever. I'm hazy on the details, but he's pretty cool looking nonetheless. Once the rest of his squadmates are assembled, it will be time for painting. Anyone have any thoughts on colors? Red and black are standard, and classic. I might want to go renegade, though. I had thought about green, as it is my favorite color, but my Orks will all be green, so I imagine I'll have plenty of that.

Edit: Please vote in the color choice poll at the bottom of the page. Help Decide the fate of the Bloodletter Squad!

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