Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lego Army Men!

I've wanted these ever since they came out, but today my wife decided she wanted the Jeep that came in the set, so we finally broke down and got them. Army Men are among my very favorite toys, both as a kid and as an adult, so these are especially awesome to me. Rather than just show you pics and talk about LEGOs, I took individual shots of each minifig, and gave them a little history.Sarge, the brains of the fire team. With his radio to keep apprised of the tactical situation, and his rifle to reach out and touch someone, he is the best all around trooper.
Stitch, the squad medic. Unarmed, red cross on his helmet, medical bag by his side, Stitch keeps the squad alive, while trying to keep the target on his helmet from catching a little tan bullet.
Scanner, Recon/Demolitions. With his radio and minesweeper, Scanner keeps an ear on any evolving tactical situation while the Sarge has his hands full, and set a few nasty surprises for any enemy that gets too close.
Falcon, Designated Marksman. Falcon is a good shot, and sneaky. It's his job to keep an eye on the Tan Menace, and maybe put a bullet in it from time to time. In addition to his long rifle, he has a rucksack that lets you know he is of the "If you die first we're splitting your gear" school of military thought.


bobby said...

all super cute until they get their legs blown off, little lego pieces everywhere, the lego gore.......

CounterFett said...

Reminds me of the "Army Men" video game, where when the army men got killed they either got blown into little plastic chips or melted.