Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mega-Blok Madness Robot Rampage!

So, going through my stuff looking for army men and tanks yesterday, I came across a great find: Mega Blok Plasma Tech Robots Still in the package! For those of you who missed these, Plasma Tech was little snap together robots that lit up. They were in stores a few years ago, and I think they failed because they were always stocked on the LEGO Aisle. While technically, yes, they are made by Mega Blok, I think they would have better been stocked on the action figure aisle, or next to the Transformers. Cuz they don't actually have much in common with LEGOS. Anyway, as they were being phased out, I grabbed a few of them at the Ridgecrest K-Mart for super cheap (don't mind the price tags, that's not what I paid).
This is Skysweeper. With a name like Skysweeper, you sort of picture him as some sort of Air to Air expert right. Well, read the package, he's the "Terrain Security Cyborg." I love that the naming convention is totally oblivious. You'll see more of that in the next one...
Bogkov, Aerial Defense Cyborg. What did I say about oblivious? And what is an aerial defense unit going to do with a sword? Even if he threw it, he would only have one shot! Maybe aerial intruders only fly solo in Mega Blok Land.
And this is Gyro. I opened his package a long time ago, back when I bought these, and I forget what his specialty was supposed to be, but since he has a big laser rifle, I imagine it was close combat or martial arts.The whole gang, chillin' on my bookshelf. Those are normal size hardbacks, which should give you an idea of scale there. I really like these little guys, they are charming in a chunky, tiny robot sort of way.

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