Thursday, April 15, 2010

Obscure Armor of the Day!

Well, I was all inspired by my post about the M60 Patton yesterday, so I was kicking around the internet looking at different tanks I liked, when I remember another obscure great, the M103 Heavy Tank! Despite its various shortcomings, I feel the big factor that kept this beast from wider acceptance was that it had no name! All the other tanks had Cavalry General names which brought images of glorious charges and daring do, while the M103 had to make do with the semi-official monniker of 'heavy tank.'
IN any event, the M103 weighed 62 tons, and had a 120mm rifled barrel. It was the biggest and heaviest tank fielded by the U.S. until the Abrams hit the scene in the '80s.
Here it is shown with its contemporary M48 Patton (left side), in a scene that is a sign of its times. It is one of the few armored vehicles in U.S. military history to have never fired a shot in anger. It was, however, a bastion in a dark time, made to do battle and win against the likes of the Josef Stalin series of Russian Heavy Tanks, bad customers by any reckoning.

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