Saturday, April 3, 2010

Promised photos of gaming geekiness!

The setup was like this: I had a theme based unit of 9 Snowtroopers...
Up against 5 Nationalist Chinese, 3 Dwarf Spiders, and a Droideka.
In the first turn, the Nationalists infantry moved withing firing range and sniped one of my outlaying pickets. In retrospect, the pickets were kind of useless.
So, realizing my defensive position was less than useful, I counter charged! My snowies hit and destroyed the Droideka and a Dwarf Spider
The Infantry retreated to a conveniently placed defensive Kelli slipper, and fired a scattering of shots back at me.
Still holding the momentum, the snowies charge in, fire, and hit only for wounds, no enemies knocked out. Stormtrooper effect indeed.
The Chinese return fire is somewhat more effective, knocking out two more snowies.
But in the next turn, I take out the three I wounded last turn.
I finish deploying around the slipper bunker so all of my men can fire on the enemy. At this point, I am still in the lead, 5 to 4. This was the last of the manuever, at this point it turned into a slugging match, as there was no where left for the Chinese and droids to retreat to.
Then the dice curse took effect, and I hit nothing for two turns...
While the Chinese ground my forces into oblivion.

This was a lot of fun, and there were not a lot of rules or silliness to get in the way of the fun and trash talking. Of course, losing to my five year old daughter is a mite humiliating, but I can comfort myself that she is a military genius. And, I roll bad dice in the clutch situation

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kenchan13 said...

Awesome battle report! We use a dice tower when we game and the last battle we had my son was crushing me so my Blood Angels attacked the dice tower! My son thought that was the funniest thing ever but we destroyed it and we called a truce. Like any other kid they sometimes hate to lose so i also have "D.M.'d " missions for us to do together.i.e. kill the Giant or destroy the shield generator. Cheers and i love your blog btw.