Sunday, April 4, 2010

The wages of sin are...

Well, in this case, the wages of geeky gaming, are that it got me interested in that other wargame universe I have flirted with on occasion, Warhammer. I always liked the big universe, the potentially too complicated game, the overly detailed minis. All things that scream "Hey James, come spend your money with us!" Sounds funny, but it's what got me into BattleTech. Now, that I am nearly decided that this is a great idea as a source of good minis, and since there is a GW store in my very town, it just breaks down into which faction I want to throw my lot in with. This is complicated by the fact that I am a very poor painter of minis, with only a few succesful BattleMechs to my credit. On the other hand, I do have a good grasp of basics, and I do know I am more interested in the 'bad guy' factions. Which leads me to two main contenders...
Chaos Daemons. These guys are cool for a lot of reasons. If I ever decide to try the other Warhammer game these guys can come with me (GW does seem to love them some Daemons). I really like the Bloodletter, the guys above, who are your basic naked horned sword, Daemon. Plus, the best paint scheme for them is a base coat, wash, drybrush scheme, which I can do well!
Plus, this gnarly dude is in the same faction! How sweet is a sword daemon riding an armored rhino daemon into battle? Pretty sweet, I daresay!
The other big contenders are the Necron, sort of undead techno skeletons with high powered gauss weapons. Anyone who ever lost a mech to a headshot against me knows how much I love gauss weaponry! These dudes have a lot going for them too, again, mostly the three step paint scheme I can do, a very cool aesthetic, and generally a very highly regarded combat ability in game. Hmmm.
I use this pic to illustrate how bad some of the minis for this game can be in terms of painted detail. This dude would drive me absolutely batshit crazy trying to paint all the detail!

So what it seems to come down to, then, is my gaming style. The Necron seem to be the 'grind forward and flay them with gauss' type of combatants, while the Daemons (the Khorne ones I am interested in anyway) seem more like the 'charge in and eat their livers' school of fighting. In most games I espouse the former, but since my loss to my daughter with the KISS rules yesterday, I might become the latter. I am going to do a little research on this, and once I decide, y'all will be the first to know.

For any of you reading who have some knowledge on the subject, chime in with some comments, I can really use the help.

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