Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What do you think of when you hear the word...Tank?

For me, it is this...
An M60A2 Patton Main Battle Tank. This image is the then-current variant driving down a German street during the REFORGER exercises in the early '80s. Reforger, for those of you not old enough (or not paying attention in the '80s, anyway) was the practice run for World War III. The Russians were still mean and scary, and back then, their tanks were a pretty good match 1-on-1 for our own. Except it wouldn't be 1-on-1, because we are talking about Russians. They have had, have, and will have, more tanks than us.
This is a Marine Corps version on the M60A1, but upgunned, equipped with a plow, and outfitted with Reactive armor (those square panels). Note: This image has been reversed. This is the version that the Corps used during Desert Storm, and in the famous 2 day tank battle at the Kuwait Airport. The Marines were victorious against various Soviet Era and Chicom tanks, including T-72s. It should be noted that the T-72 is ostensibly of technological parity with the M60, perhaps even superior. This gives the lie to the oft repeated opinion that we won the First Gulf War simply by being vastly technologically superior to the Iraqis. Sure, in some instances, we were, but not all. The reactive armor panels are important, as the explosive force (reaction) provided by the add ons steals a good deal of the force from High Explosive Anti Tank (HEAT) rounds which strike the vehicle.
A T-72, obviously the worse for wear.
A model kit for the great M60A1. These are pretty cheap, like $10 from this site I found, I am considering picking one up, because I am a big fan of the Patton series, and need some cheap mini tanks. Hmmm...